Friday, 2 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day Two

We have dropped to 12th place on day two but we have maintained our 200+ daily metres so if we keep up our daily metrage we should be able to break back into the top ten within the week!

31 team mates have signed up for the challenge and the following 19 have uploaded their metres - thanks ETT'ers!

1Steve ColesM4763,291
2Mark BowerM3744,433
3Dave RobertsM5531,098
4Todor PetrovM4727,312
5David GentryM4423,769
6Bill SchmidtM5420,000
7Dave PongraczM4117,949
8Fred RogersM4315,017
9Caroline JoynsonF4213,769
10John DigweedM4811,513
11Andy SoyringM5510,530
12Jean CurranF6110,405
13Norman HaasM5810,029
14Bouke DielemanM547,103
15Wayne HollinsheadM496,517
16xavier harduinM465,600
17Mike SchnellM415,000
19Joseph SmyntekM344,130

I've been having green smoothies post-workout at the moment with added whey powder for extra protein. Here is what I had in today's smoothie: Organic spinach, celery, coconut water, vanilla extract, a lime and whey powder. Totally yummy - in a very green-good-for-you sort of way!

Have you started any healthy habits for the new year?


  1. Happy new year everyone - hope it's a good one. I'm just back from holiday so got some serious catching up to do.
    BTW some of the drinks on holiday had limes in too to make the tequila more palatable!
    Ken M

    1. Ha - good one Ken, although I wouldn't recommend drinking tequila and lime before erging!
      Glad you had a great holiday x

  2. Happy New Year everyone - I have a niggling backache and work travel so will not contribute as much as I had hoped to the VTC, however do hope to row slowly and steadily to burn off the holiday extra kilos when I can...all the best to all ETTers, may 2015 be full of health and happiness for us all

    1. Hi Diggy - sorry to hear about your backache. Hope it sorts itself out soon.
      Here's to slow rowing.
      Check out these excellent back stretches: