Thursday, 1 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day One

We have started 2015 in style with a top ten position in the Virtual Team Challenge - nice work team!

Thanks to the following team mates who have uploaded metres today - with keen ETT'ers Steve and Mark pulling a marathon and half marathon respectively - nice work there guys!

1Steve ColesM4742,194
2Mark BowerM3721,097
3Dave RobertsM5515,175
4Todor PetrovM4713,682
5David GentryM448,913
6Bouke DielemanM547,103
7xavier harduinM465,600
8Jean CurranF615,255
9Caroline JoynsonF425,000
10Joseph SmyntekM344,130


  1. Happy New Year all and nice start to the year.

    I hope to make my start tomorrow if I get the chance (-:

    1. Hi Jonathan, a Happy New Year to you too! Start whenever is good for you. The more the merrier!