Tuesday, 27 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 27

Only four more days of erging our butts off folks. We are in 23rd place and have rowed over 6 million metres in 27 days!
Steve has rowed his way to the top of the team leaderboard with lots more metres added by most of the team mates who signed up.

Keep on rowing hard team. Sunday is rest day x


  1. Stick to it guys. We are in a dogfight over 22 vs. 23. They are only 8000m behind us!

    1. Yeah let's get in those extra metres folks!

  2. I just did my first ever 100k, that was tougoh. Hands are sore. Do you wear gloves? Can you recommend any? KenM

    1. Hi Ken - Well done on your awesome achievement! I bet your hands are sore. I wear some gloves that I think are supposed to be used for cycling - made by a company called Giro - they have protected section on the inside knuckle area of the palm to stop those blisters.

  3. Hi, Ken, I use paper "micropore" tape on my fingers when the calluses don't provide the comfort. Sweat makes it softer and it moulds nicely - easy to remove too. If you're sore on your palms then it's no use. In the gig club I row for people use cycling gloves (a little too padded?), and thin, leather rower's gloves.

    Many congrats. on your 100k. How much did you eat & drink ? How did you chunk-it up ?

    Any other tips ?

    After a work-enforced rest-day, I' dreaming of ending the VTC with a 100k

    1. Wow that's a great ambition. Saturday is going to be a big day for you Steve!

      On my 100k I had lots of snacks at hand - within arms reach of the C2, unwrapped and in bitesize chinks so I could just grab something when I needed it. I used dark chocolate and Science in Sports bars (cut up).
      Flapjack cubes wold be good for high energy with a bit of oat-laden longer term carbs.
      I also had a hearty meal of high carb stuff an hour or so before the start of the session.

      I just drank water - I find the energy drinks too sugary and seem to dehydrate my mouth. Although the Nuun tablets used by cyclists are quite nice for a bit of a hit towards the end of the 100k.

      I wore my cycling shorts for extra padding on the backside and used some chamois cream to avoid bum-blisters (never good).

      Have a friend at hand for music or create an online playlist / stream a playlist to avoid boredom. You could hook up to Netflix and watch a season of your favourite show! I found that I couldn't concentrate on TV watching as my pace varied too much when I was not concentrating.

      Hope that helps,

      Good Luck!


  4. Thanks guys.
    I forced an energy gel down me every 30 minutes, I've not found any I like yet... Also had a few berry flapjack like things to hand.
    Drinks: a couple of cartons of apple juice in case I wanted sugar and 3 bottles of water with zero highs in so I wouldn't get cramp.
    I tried rowing for 30min stopping for 1min to take on fuel but I wouldn't recommend this it just seemed to spoil my rhythm.
    I had some sparing gloves on, I also try golf gloves and cycling gloves but I just seem to moving blisters around my hands!
    Secret weapon skwoosh pad for no more butt pain.

    Good luck with your row Steve.


  5. Thanks for the tips, Ken and Caroline; lot's to plan. I tried 100k at the end of the VTC last year, and was physically good for it, but unplanned - I got the drink seriosuly wrong and I stopped at 70k with cramping, I lost nearly 2kg in weight ! I like the idea of simple drinks with some minerals (like "zeros" / water) and high-energy, "rewarding" foods.