Sunday, 18 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 18

We are officially half way through the VTC for 2015 and we are in 22nd place. The number of team mates signed up for the challenge pushing the team into the 51+ members category during the last few weeks of the competition.

Lets look at some individual numbers from team mates:

  • Mark B has taken up his reign at the top of the team again!
  • Steve C is a very close second - things could change overnight

  • Ken, Phil H and Ric are storming away with over 200k - keep erging boys!

  • Bill, Todor, Neil, Dave R, Rob and David B are doing well erging well over 100k to boost the team metres.

Thanks to the rest of the team who are working hard to maintain their fitness levels and keeping ETT in the top 25 world-wide teams x

Keep working hard ETT'ers!

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