Saturday, 31 January 2015

VTC 2015 Final Day!

I received a friendly e-mail from our closest rival, Capital Rowing Team today:

"Hello Caroline, Just saying hello and it was great competing with your team this month. We've been motivated to get and stay ahead - I don't know which of us will be in the lead after tonight, but it'll be close. Smile! You guys are amazing, and very cool that you erg from all corners of the world! See you in the VTC next year, Mary Ellsworth, co-captain, Capital Rowing Team, Washington, DC"

They seem like a decent bunch of ergers.... but let's hope we can upload the extra 200k by the end of the day to move up to 22nd place!?

This is the current position as of Saturday night (GMT) 10.25pm:

23Empty the TanksVirtual Club7,117,99052136,884

On to the individual achievements during the 2015 Virtual Team Challenge:

  • Steve has rowed his way to the top of the team with an awe inspiring 779,192 metres. Excellent work there - you deserve a day off on Sunday.

  • Mark is very close behind in second place with an eye-watering 659,319 metres - and a stone lighter!

  • Ken has erged hard and clocked up 535,335 metres and gave Steve and Mark serious competition.

  • Phil H and Ric are the only members of the 400k club and have been battling it out for 4th and 5th place. Excellent work chaps.

  • Todor, Neil R and Rob D are the hard-erging trio in the 300k club and there have been daily shifts between 6th, 7th and 8th places between these guys.

  • Bill, David G and Dave R are fully paid-up members of the 200k club and have put in the hard work over the past month.

  • The 100k club is the most popular club by far has a bunch of fun and eclectic clientele! At the top we have David B followed by Caroline, Leslie, Jean, Mike, Andy, Bouke, John, Allan and Mark K. Nice work team mates.

  • The following team mates were so very close to the 100k club with between 95k - 75k, Edward J, Pongi, Joe S, Diggy and Matt R. Well done guys.

And a big thank you goes out to the remaining team mates without whose contribution we would not be in the top 25 teams in the world! Cheers Fred, Jonathan, Craig, John, Lance, Rob, Kevin, Jeff, Norman, Rob K, Karyn, Tim, Jim, Xavier, Lisa, Matt B, Craig, Kim, Michael, Wayne, Mike, David B, Phil and David H.

As always it has been a pleasure rowing with you all - you are a brilliant team and I am very proud of your individual and our team achievements.
Let me know if you achieved any personal goals that I can share with the rest of team.

See you all again on the 15th March for the World Erg Challenge!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 28

We have erged past Capital Rowing Club and are only a few 100k away from zipping past CrossFit 212. With only days away from the finish line we need as many metres as possible to get to 21st place!

22Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,417,28052123,409

Keep on working hard ETT'ers. We are doing really well team mates x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 27

Only four more days of erging our butts off folks. We are in 23rd place and have rowed over 6 million metres in 27 days!
Steve has rowed his way to the top of the team leaderboard with lots more metres added by most of the team mates who signed up.

Keep on rowing hard team. Sunday is rest day x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 24

We are motoring away heading towards the final straight of this year's VTC.
We have some impressive stats from team members and our top performer is Mark B!

We are in 22nd place that places us in the top 5% of world-wide indoor rowing teams. That is brilliant stuff ETT'ers. We have collectively rowed over 5,374,000 metres!

With seven days left of the challenge what are you doing to motivate yourself for the last week of competition?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day 20

Nearly three weeks into the challenge and we have rowed over 4,540,000 metres. Pretty darn impressive stuff!
Onto the standings, we are still in the top 25 world-wide teams residing in 22nd place sandwiched between CrossFit 212 and Capital Rowing Club.

Here are the current individual team standings:

1Steve ColesM47436,790
2Mark BowerM37411,856
3Kenneth MurdochM45325,350
4Phil HollinsM60247,659
5Bill SchmidtM54238,000
6Richard YoungM37232,568
7Todor PetrovM47207,200
8Neil RyanM47200,197
9Rob DruryM67172,895
10Dave RobertsM55171,054
11David GentryM44169,479
12David BroomfieldM32118,500
13Bouke DielemanM54107,034
14Leslie FoxM6598,459
15Jean CurranF6198,200
16Caroline JoynsonF4293,769
17John DigweedM4876,100
18Andy SoyringM5571,140
19Mike BodeM5768,944
20John BettsM6766,036
21Joseph SmyntekM3462,382
22Dave PongraczM4161,785
23Craig WaughM4461,233
24John GilesM5360,768
25Matthias RauschM3755,013
26Lance PetersM5455,000
27Edward JacksonM6152,500
28ALLAN HERONM5245,000
29Jonathan TurnsM4743,064
30Mark KaehlerM6042,466
31Fred RogersM4339,893
32Kevin SantoneM4835,000
33Norman HaasM5834,300
34Robert KubathM5533,958
35Robert TaylorM2928,382
36Craig OldakowskiM3325,000
37xavier harduinM4623,830
38Karyn McNamaraF4021,595
39Michael SiersM5021,254
40Tim WilliamsM4419,385
41Wayne HollinsheadM4919,159
42Matthew BrewsterM4317,400
43Jim MoldenhauerM5816,520
44Mike SchnellM4115,000
45Jeff KueckerM4715,000
46David BassM4712,120
47Lisa KueckerF485,000
48Phil YatesM504,582
49David HopkinsonM354,000
50Kim BlankenshipF510
51Peter YeelesM470