Saturday, 6 September 2014

September CTC Boat One Floated and FTC update

Wahooo! Boat one is floated in the first week of the September Cross Team Challenge. We have some excellent times from Ric (Happy Birthday btw), Jonathan, Mark, Rob and me (not some much a great time but a first attempt!(.

Participants need to row 7684 metres for Joan Van Blom Cancer Awareness. Read more about this amazing lady here.

4 pts
Empty the Tanks I33:54.2
Richard Young (H) 28:30.5
Jonathan Turns ETT (H) 31:51.7
Mark Kaehler (H) 38:14.8
Rob Drury (L) 31:19.2
Caroline Joynson (F) 39:35.1

This is a great distance for us particularly from the 15th September onwards so the metres will count towards the Fall Team Challenge too!

Talking of the FTC, we have a whole bunch of ETT'ers signed up including some new members or existing members who have signed up to a team challenge for the first time (highlighted in yellow).
Welcome to the team newbies and we look forward to erging with you during the FTC challenge.
1Jonathan TurnsM460
2Andy SoyringM540
3Mark BowerM360
4Leslie FoxM650
5Jim MoldenhauerM570
6John DigweedM470
7Dave PongraczM410
8Karyn McNamaraF400
9Caroline JoynsonF410
10Jean CurranF600
11John DunnM410
12Mike BodeM570
13David AcresM390
14Michael SiersM500
15Rob DruryM670
16joseph codaM450
17Dave RobertsM550
18Edward JacksonM610
19Joseph SmyntekM340
20Mike FogelM590
21Craig WaughM440
22David HopkinsonM350
23Mark KaehlerM600
24Wayne HollinsheadM480
25Kenneth MurdochM450
26Bastian SchnitzhoferM300
27David HannanM560
28Neil RyanM470
29Bill SchmidtM530
30Matthias RauschM360
31Ben JohnsonM260
32Sarah HopkinsF0


  1. This was a toughie especially since my rowing has taken a bit of a dive this year. Definitely need to pick it up again so looking forward to the FTC coming up.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    1. Ric - I know how you feel. My rowing has taken a bit of a back seat to biking and turbo training - upon advice from my psychotherapist to do some cross training - so getting back on the erg seems to have been particularly hard work on the last 2 CTC's especially.
      Luckily we have a full month to get back into it - Oh, yeah a bunch of fellow ETT peer pressure to add into the mix.
      I already know I can't put in the full-on sessions of past seasons but I will do my best ; )

  2. Not started yet - work commitments mean I've been away or over tired. However, registering for the Fall challenge has demonstrated once again that whilst Concept appear to be able to design wonderful rowing machines, they really need to work on their website design. OK, so the instructions for joining explain where to look well enough, but you're not going to guess it on your own.

    Oh well. It's free :D

    1. I agree D. The signing up is really not that straight forward on the C2 website.
      Hopefully the step-by-step guide on the team blog helps?

  3. Nice going on the CTC already this month.

    I'm getting back into the Pete Plan, though struggling with the longer used to be the other way around. I seem to be going fine, then the brain shouts STOP!....and the body listens (-: Hopefully the fall team challenge will help!

    As for the Indoor Rowing site, there has definitely been a reduction in numbers using the site, lots moved to Facebook, as well as an apparent lack of interest from the company themselves, ie little/slow response about the Challenge Series

    1. Yes I don't really read the C2 UK forum that much anymore. I think these things go in cycles and I'm sure it will get some momentum back at some point?!
      I feel the same about the longer sessions at the moment especially since I have been alternating my workouts between the C2 and my turbo trainer / bike so although my CV fitness is probably just as good I am finding it more difficult to put my body through the longer sessions.... and the shorter sessions..... he he.
      I am not going to be able to put my usual metres in this FTC due to the cross training (bike + erg) so it may only be every other day... as you said last week - its the taking part that counts.

  4. I entered myself twice by mistake and I don't know how to delete one of the entries. Can you help me- jcurran and jean curran