Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dog Days of Summer and August CTC update

We had an impressive number of ETT'ers complete the Dog Days of Summer Challenge which was a individual cumulative metres challenge between the 1st - 28th August.

The following team mates pulled in some awesome numbers! Well done everybody!
David H has almost rowed a million metres in 4 weeks - what an amazing feat.

David Hannan Melbourne  AUS  880000
Bill Schmidt Cornelius  USA  373067
Craig Waugh Uddingston  GBR  248948
Karyn McNamara Adelaide  AUS  226537
Rob Drury Maidstone  GBR  216616
Mike Bode Stillwater  USA  194935
Andy Soyring Chicago  USA  161585
Mike Fogel Tijeras  USA  129225
Jim Moldenhauer Eau Claire  USA  118921
Mark Bower Doncaster  GBR  117496
Wayne Hollinshead Barry  GBR  103938
Leslie Fox Darlington  GBR  100000
David Bass St Albans  GBR  100000

Onto the August Cross Team Challenge that was set byRote 87.
It was an interval session of 1500m, 1000m and 500m with 3 minute rests.

I only just completed mine today and I apologise for my effort because it certainly isn't up to my usual standards ; ( BUT it means that we have floated boat number two into the points rankings. Yipeee!

39 pts
Empty the Tanks I10:51.8
Rainer Saad (H)
Pongi (H)
David Hannan (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

11 pts
Empty the Tanks II11:55.7
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Jim Moldenhauer (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

73Empty the Tanks III12:53.9
Diggy (L)
No Name Time Pace Power
67 Rainer Saad M  10:11.0    1:41.8   331.4 
91 Pongi M  10:23.8    1:44.0   311.4 
130 Bill_Schmidt m  10:41.4    1:46.9   286.5 
131 David Hannan M  10:41.7    1:47.0   286.1 
151 Jonathan Turns ETT M  10:50.1    1:48.4   275.2 
189 Mike Bode M  11:07.5    1:51.3   254.2 
220 Rob Drury m  11:24.9    1:54.1   235.3 
275 Jim Moldenhauer M  12:20.8    2:03.5   186.0 
276 Karyn McNamara F  12:21.3    2:03.6   185.6 
311 Diggy m  12:53.9    2:09.0   163.1 
329 Caroline Joynson f  13:55.3    2:19.2   129.7 

Bill has put in a master stroke to get so close to Rainer and Pongi in Boat one!
Whereas, Karyn has punched hard with a zippy pace of 2:03.
Great efforts and results ETT'ers. Well done.

The September CTC is the Joan Van Blom Cancer Awareness row consisting of 7684 metres. You can read about the background to this session on the C2 Forum here.

All the best ETT'ers and don't forget to sign up for the Fall Team Challenge which starts on the 15th September 2014.


  1. Well done all, some fantastic metres and rowing.....and it's the taking part that counts Caroline (-:

    With cycling in the good weather, work, holidays and local rowing regatta, the C2 has stayed in the cupboard for most of August, but need to get back to some decent exercise, so intending starting the Pete Plan again on the 1st September....or 2nd (-:

    1. I agree we are definitely all about the taking part here at ETT Towers!!
      Good luck with the Pete Plan ; ) and for any newbie ETT'ers who are thinking 'What the Heck is the Pete Plan' follow the link on the 'Useful Links' section of my blog and you can read all about it!

  2. Very pleased with completing the Dog Days event - the most I've rowed in a month since 2012 I think. Some progress on my 10k times, but still nowhere near my best efforts. I hope to maintain the momentum this month.

    Didn't manage the CTC , but I'd have been propping Diggy up at the back anyway. The 7684 event suits me more anyway.

    1. Yes - nice job on the Dog Days David - you did very well indeed.
      Looking forward to your participation in the CTC this month ; ) Yes I'm more of a mid-distance / endurance rower myself too.