Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tour of Estonia

Well done to Rainer and Karyn who got involved in the virtual indoor rowing tour of Estonia!

You can read about how people did on the Facebook page!


  1. Hi,

    due to my job and other reasons I couldn't participate all 21 stages, 17 was maximum for me. Did participate all 5 stages at the minitour. Also won the minitour first stage (17500m) with average 1:52,6/500. This was one my best stages in the tour. It was a lot of fun!

    Now I enjoy holiday and warm weather (+30 C here) :)

  2. Hi Rainer and Karyn,

    Congratulations on your impressive achievements during the Tour d'Estonie 2014. I think this was a fantastic idea and a great way for others to learn more about Estonia as they move through the stages during their virtual tour. And it may even inspire those to visit Estonia and is therefore potentially great for tourism. Well Done!!

    Rainer - I hope you are enjoying your well earnt holidays and the warm weather


  3. Great work on the Tour Rainer. Thanks for letting me know about it. Might do a few of the longer stages next year if you run it again. Was great incentive to get on the erg and log a few kms. And Pongi I did actually do a bit of googling of Estonia as a result.