Thursday, 31 July 2014

July CTC last day

We have floated two boats in this month's challenge and a total of 12 ETT'ers entered results for the 10 x 1 minute interval sessions.

53 pts
Empty the Tanks I2974.8m
Rainer Saad (H)
Mark Bower (H)
Richard Young (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

22 pts
Empty the Tanks II2770.8m
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
David Hannan (H)
Matt Collard (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

81Empty the Tanks III2625.5m
Norman Haas (H)
David Bass (H)

55 Rainer Saad M Empty the Tanks I 3155   1:35.1  407.1
99 Mark Bower M Empty the Tanks I 3051   1:38.3  368.2
108 Richard Young M Empty the Tanks I 3041   1:38.7  364.5
116 Bill_Schmidt m Empty the Tanks I 3026   1:39.1  359.2
309 Karyn McNamara F Empty the Tanks I 2601   1:55.3  228.1
130 Jonathan Turns ETT M Empty the Tanks II 2997   1:40.1  349
156 David Hannan M Empty the Tanks II 2953   1:41.6  333.8
174 Matt Collard M Empty the Tanks II 2923   1:42.6  323.7
262 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks II 2758   1:48.8  271.9
386 Caroline Joynson f Empty the Tanks II 2223   2:15.0  142.4
222 Norman Haas M Empty the Tanks III 2829   1:46.0  293.5
363 David Bass M Empty the Tanks III 2422   2:03.9  184.2

Rainer has conquered a stage of the Tour of Estonia and has moved onto the CTC too by being the top ranking individual team mate this month, followed by Mark, Ric and Bill who submitted extremely close times. A big shout out goes to Bill as he is our highest ranking lightweight male. Well done.
Karyn is our top ranking female again this month with a punchy pace of 1.55. Excellent form Karyn, keep up the brilliant work!

Nice work team mates.
Let's aim to get three boats floated in the August challenge.
Join us for Rote 87's Summer Slope challenge:

Row 1500 m, 1000 m, 500 m with 3 minutes rest between each.
Record your total time for the 3000 metres not including the 6 minutes rest.
Standard rules for interval starts. No other restrictions.

What have you been doing to conquer erging in the hot weather for those who are experiencing this unusually hot summer?

For those ETT'ers who are in the midst of winter what do you to make it onto the erg when you'd rather be chilling out in front of the fire?


  1. Hi Caroline - good to see you back on the erg. We are still deep in winter here, the machine lasted outside until the Solstice challenge, my feet were turning blue after each session, so it has been sitting inside for the past month. Last night I moved the alarm forward half an hour to 4:30 (in preparation for the Fall Challenge), but the power went off during the night, so rowed for 2 hours this morning in the cold and dark - Summer heat sound nice !!!

  2. Don't forget that it's the "Dog Days of Summer" Challenge as well. 100,000 meters distrubted as 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k over the first 4 weeks of August.

  3. Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder David B ; )