Sunday, 20 July 2014

Boat two nearly floated in July CTC

We just need one female rower to enter a time for this month's CTC to float boat number two.
I am going to wait until next week to see if my knee is up to the intense 10 x 1 minute intervals, but there must be another lovely female ETT'er willing to give this baby a go!?

28 pts
Empty the Tanks I2943.2m
Mark Bower (H)
Richard Young (H)
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

Empty the Tanks II2861.2m
David Hannan (H)
Matt Collard (H)
Norman Haas (H)
Rob Drury (L)

Position Name Boat Metres Pace Power
71 Mark Bower M Empty the Tanks I 3051   1:38.3  368.2
77 Richard Young M Empty the Tanks I 3041   1:38.7  364.5
85 Bill_Schmidt m Empty the Tanks I 3026   1:39.1  359.2
95 Jonathan Turns ETT M Empty the Tanks I 2997   1:40.1  349
225 Karyn McNamara F Empty the Tanks I 2601   1:55.3  228.1
115 David Hannan M Empty the Tanks II 2953   1:41.6  333.8
131 Matt Collard M Empty the Tanks II 2923   1:42.6  323.7
162 Norman Haas M Empty the Tanks II 2829   1:46.0  293.5
198 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks II 2740   1:49.5  266.7
260 David Bass M Empty the Tanks III 2383   2:05.9  175.4
It looks like Mark and Ric are back erging out their friendly rivalry on the C2. Great to see such great entries lads!
Well done on so many brilliant metres ETT'ers. There are 11 more days left in July to make a difference. 


  1. Hey guys,

    I'll do CTC next week. This month I've been rowing at indoor tour called "Tour D'Estonie". It's a 21-day virtual tour. I haven't been able to do all the stages, so far 11. Here's my logbook:

    By the way, Tour D'Estonie also has a minitour (5 last stages) and it starts on wednesday. To participate, row the distance needed, make photo of your erg monitor and send it to You can see all the distances here:

    I know it's in estonian, but tour manager speaks fluently english. Good luck!


  2. Hi Rainer,

    That's a fantastic idea for a 'Tour D'Estonie'. Estonia seems to have developed quite an active and motivated C2 indoor rowing community. Congratulations on your tour results so far. I've noticed that you have become faster as the tour has progressed ...... is this representative of the downhill stages lol :) All the best for the rest of the tour!

    I've been a bit slack with the CTC's of late because i've been concentrating on the ranking pieces to take advantage of the cooler conditions of the very short Geraldton winter which is more conducive for achieving season bests and if i'm very lucky personal bests. I'll see if i can fit in this CTC towards the end of the month.

    Pongi :)

    1. Thanks Pongi,

      Estonia C2 indoor rowing community is growing and some rowers also hold world records. It's fun to get together and row in virtual tour like Tour D'Estonie. This year we also have French indoor rowers in the contest.

      I have noticed progress during the tour. Times are getting faster and so is my shape :)

      Looking forward to do this month CTC also :)

  3. Hi Rainer

    The tour d'Estonie sounds great. As Dave says the weather here is much more conducive to physical activity now so Ive been racking up a few meters myself. I think I will have a crack at the mini tour version. Do I need to register via the website or just email my meters in ?


    1. Hi Karyn,

      you don't need to register, just send photo of your erg monitor to Don't forget to include your name.
      Tour D'Estonie also has a Facebook page. You can upload your results here:


    2. Cheers Rainer

      2nd stage of the mini tour done and dusted!


    3. Hi,

      great to hear that. Well done! I'm doing my second stage at the evening, when temperature is not that hot and after my nap.


  4. Hi Karyn, I hope you enjoyed minitour :). After few days of rest, I had the time to do this month CTC