Sunday, 8 June 2014

June CTC 10k

Yahoo boat one is floated in the Cross Team Challenge points rankings. This month's session is a straight forward 10,000 metres to be rowed at a maximum stroke rate of 24!

Karyn got a PB (her best time since 2008!) pretty hot stuff there K!
Well done to Bill, Jonathan, David H and Rob D. Nice one folks, keep up the great work ETT'ers.

4 pts
Empty the Tanks I40:55.4
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
David Hannan (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Rob Drury (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

Position Name M/F Boat Time Pace Power
31 Bill_Schmidt m ETT 1  37:59.5    1:54.0  236.4
67 Jonathan Turns ETT M ETT 1  39:56.7    1:59.8  203.4
69 David Hannan M ETT 1  40:05.3    2:00.3  201.2
88 Rob Drury m ETT 1  42:03.1    2:06.2  174.3
99 Karyn McNamara F ETT 1  44:32.7    2:13.6  146.7

I won't be joining you on this CTC due to my knee rehabilitation (don't want to over-do it). Building things back up slowly.


  1. Some incredible times there. I had a try last night but blew up due to the heat - I think I will use a fan in the room. I doubt that I can get inside 50 minutes at the moment anyway. Just not doing enough rowing.

    Definitely don't overdo the exercise during recovery - some friends of mine have all suffered fitness setbacks due to trying to get "back in the saddle" too quickly.

  2. Thanks David.
    Its hard to pace a 10k in the heat. Hope your next attempt goes well ; )

  3. I attempted this and failed for a different reason, at 5ft 4", 24 SPM was just too slow for me to row comfortably and after trying to get below 26 for 15 minutes, I gave up ...sorry team, I will sit this challenge out.

    1. Its hard to do low SPM stuff if you are used to a faster pace. We understand D, better luck on the next CTC.

  4. Congratulations ETTers for floating our first boat ...... Well Done!

    It's great to finally have an endurance type challenge as opposed to all the sprint stuff that we seem to get. I'll enjoy the distance but not the rate restriction which certainly does favour the taller rowers. I normally row the longer distances at about 27/28 spm which may be a little fast for someone who is 6ft? I think that rowing at a lower spm will encourage better efficiency per stroke. I'll give it a go later in the month, it will be an interesting comparison. Any advice welcome?

    Karyn ..... Happy 40th birthday for the other week, it sounds like you had a great time in Singapore. Also congratulations on your new PB, great work! It gives me hope that i still may be able to beat some of my long standing PBs that i set in my mid 30's now that i'm in my early 40's .... we'll see!

    Caroline ...... i hope that your rehab is going well, take it easy and do try and stay out of trouble:)

    All the Best

    1. Thanks Pongi - I'll do my best to stay out of trouble but I'm not sure trouble will stay out of my way... he he

  5. Thanks Dave P for the birthday wishes. 40 is the new 30 you know because we are all going to have to work till 70 now anyway..

    I actually don't mind the rate restriction on this ctc mainly because I do most of my rowing around 21-23 spm anyway. I'm 5'9 but I find stroke rates above 26 feel quite rushed and mess my hair up with all the added breeze ...actually I find it hard to row for very long above 26spm but that's a fitness issue I think..


  6. I was busy last month rowing new records for 500m, 1000m and 2000m distances. Beat all my personal records at the last week on June. This month CTC is very interesting, looking forward to take part :)

  7. Wow great to hear you are on a roll! Excellent stuff Rainer.