Sunday, 25 May 2014

May CTC update

Hello ETT'ers I just wanted to let you know why I haven't been able to upload my usual metres this season; I've been given orders to put the erging on hold for a while after over-working my left knee doing some house renovation over Easter. I have been doing some maintenance work on the rower and long walks, but nothing hard-core on the exercise front unfortunately. I might not be able to contribute to the CTC which will be the first time since ETT started participating in May 2009! I think I will wait it out until the last day and see how things are then.

In other news, over the past two months I updated my CV and applied for a few jobs. Luckily I secured one last week which will begin in September - I am very happy about it!
Oh, I am also trying to write my final dissertation for the part-time MA I'm studying for - the deadline is looming ever closer!

I hope you are all well. Let me know what you've all been up to.

Some great distances from ETT'ers for the French Indoor Rowing Team (FIRT) May CTC.

Row intervals of:
One minute, two minutes, three minutes,
one minute, two minutes, three minutes
with a maximum of nine minutes resting, spread any way you like.
First rep from a standing start, the other reps from a standing or rolling start (your choice).
Record your total distance for twelve minutes not including the nine minutes rest.

9 pts
Empty the Tanks I3282.2m
David Hannan (H)
Jeff Kuecker (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Rob Drury (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

67 Bill_Schmidt m Empty the Tanks I 3436   1:44.8  304.3
76 David Hannan M Empty the Tanks I 3394   1:46.1  293.3
84 Jeff Kuecker M Empty the Tanks I 3351   1:47.4  282.3
110 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks I 3246   1:50.9  256.6
142 Karyn McNamara F Empty the Tanks I 2984   2:00.6  199.3


  1. Caroline,

    Speedy recovery until then take it easy is good advice.

    All goes well here. Up at 5 am six days a week with an 8k in the morning is the current plan with an extra session on my one day off from work. My 2k time trial streak stands at 14 weeks in a row with steady improvement. Boston might be a possibility this year.

    Good to see ETT'ers putting in the metres on the erg. Such an awesome workout.


    1. Good to know someone else is getting up @ 5 am - I thought I was the only fool in the world!! I do 15 or 20 K every morning before breakfast, and make up the balance at night / gym or on the weekend. Looking forward to next months CTC - should be a lot easier on the body.

    2. You guys are hardcore!

    3. Wow loving you work Bill and David H! you ARE hardcore - I only get up at 5am if I have an extra busy day at work... Great idea to aim for Boston Bill.

    4. I agree it is good to know someone else is getting up early. I get up around 4:15 to get to the gym between 5 & 5:15 am to get my rowing workout in. My reasoning is simple - if I don't go there first thing in the morning I don't get there later in the day or after work. I only get to the gym after work if I am playing racquetball because someone is waiting for me.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Sorry to hear about your knee, being injured is incredibly frustrating so best of luck with your recovery, take it easy and don't rush back before you are ready. It sounds like you are doing all the right things.

    I'm surprised that you would have any time available for rowing at the moment with everything else that is going on in your life right now with continuing home renovations, study and a new job coming up ...... how exciting! Please forgive my ignorance but what is an MA?

    This month has been quite busy for me with work and other commitments hence the reason i haven't contributed to the FIRT CTC. I'm not sure if i will but i may reconsider if my contribution helps to float a second boat. All the very best everyone. Cheers Pongi:)

    1. Hi Pongi, an MA is short for Master of Arts Degree (basically I'm having to fit writing 5,000 word assignments around a full tiem job - and because I'm in my final year I have the fun of writing a 12,000 word dissertation.... I keep asking myself why I decided to do it in the first place!).
      Hope your work eases off so you can join us in the CTC next month.

  3. Thanks Guys! I also broke the little toe on my left foot yesterday (don't ask) so I am not doing particularly well on the erging front right now ; (

    1. I hope you get well quickly :)!

    2. Hi Caroline, i'm intrigued and sorry i just have to ask ..... how on earth did you break your little toe? Take care and be kind to yourself and i hope you get better quickly! Regards Pongi:)

    3. Hi Pongi - so my little toe.... Its on the same leg as my dodgy knee and whilst trying out the new bath that we plumbed in at the weekend I rather zealously got into the bath and caught my toe on the side of the bath (because my bad knee didn't bend as much as usual).

      Needless to say I uttered a few unmentionables and it has come up in a lovely purple and green bruise. Went for an X-ray on toe and MRI scan on knee today so I'm awaiting the results and subsequent recovery plan next week. Its soooo frustrating being injured ; (