Monday, 5 May 2014

First week of the 2015 season

Hello folks, how was your first week of the 2015 season?
Did you set yourself any erging goals to achieve this year?

The Rowing Company Challenge Series session this month is the Sprint Finish

A quick 500 metres to end the Challenge Series in style!

Ric is leading the team in the challenge series this season - well done there Ric, you have entered some consistently excellent times / distances. Watch out for Joe S who is very close behind - there is only 11 points difference!

I dropped out after missing two sessions due to a bit of a crazy work schedule and other things that got in the way. Ooops - next season I need to make sure I don't miss the entry deadline!

The May Cross Team Challenge session is called the French Kiss - cheeky!

This challenge was chosen by the French Indoor Rowing Team (FIRT)
Row the following reps:
One minute, two minutes, three minutes,
one minute, two minutes, three minutes
with a maximum of nine minutes resting, spread any way you like.

First rep from a standing start, the other reps from a standing or rolling start (your choice).

Record your total distance for twelve minutes not including the nine minutes rest.


  1. Current goal for year: average 10k a day, try to do a 2k time trial every week. (Right now, I'm at 11 weeks in a row.), try to break 8200m for 30' and 16,000m for 60'. Also, attempt all C2 CTC's and have a go at the Challenge series. Finally, compete in all team events as an Empty the Tanks team member.

  2. Love your goals Bill. All the best this season ; )

  3. Wow! Like the multiple goals Bill - lots of tehm and impressive ones too!

    For me, my season goals are to increase general strength, to increase rowing specific strength and improve my technique. A couple of erg goals out of that are hopefully a sub 6:45 2k time and also another marathon attempt somewhere down near 2 hours 45 minutes.....big ask but why not?!

    I've already been to an 'on water' club to see how I get on with the wet stuff!! The club fairly near me is running an adult learn to row course through to the end of July - should be interesting. Don't think I'll be threatening for places in Rio 2016 (!!!), but hoping it will get my technoque smoothed off.

    Yesterday I heard about a guy who is rowing across the Pacific with 3 others to raise awareness for a particular cancer charity - inspiring stuff. However, what is remarkable is this guy, right now, is in the middle of an erg world record attempt - quickest million metres - aim - 4 days!!! I was impressed with our team mates who conquered the million metres in a month, but 4 days?!! Am almost tempted to add that to my erg goal list along with the 100k, although not sure I'll fit those in to 2015!

    Anyway, good luck to that guy (!!!), and to everyone else on the team for a successful 2015 season.

    Matt C

    1. Matt,

      I haven't been on the water but I believe you will enjoy the experience. Trail running verses a treadmill? I'll pick the trails every time. The convenience of the erg and the brutality of the workouts are enough to keep me happy.
      All the best in improving your rowing skills. You can do the 100k for me. I pass.


  4. My immediate goal is to see if I can "sneak" the rower indoors - it was 2 degrees this morning, and it was very tempting to sleep through the alarm.

  5. Very high goal David. Hope you are successful soon!


  6. Hi, ETTers, sorry been away at the World Pilot Gig Champs - Rowing, sun, swell, singing (shanties of course), and "sherberts" - great racing after a bad start. Enough of fantasy island, back to reality - and as I'm shortly off to work in Oxford - like Matt C I'm hoping to go sliding seat this year, gigging at weekends.

    ..but my main sport will still be the C2, so my goals are...

    Bill - I've often thought of trying your 2k TT a week goal, it's the Blue Ribbon distance, so perhaps it's time to commit and go for it, sub 6:25 would be a successful year.

    Q: Any ideas on how to fit 2K TTs into a training week without too much disruption before / after ?

    My others goals are to beat 16500 for 60 mins - so close last year; register a ranked piece at every distance, and compete in an *IRC event - anyone planning to go to one ?

    Looking forward to a good year.

    1. Steve,

      Sundays are my only day off from work. So on that day it's a 2.5k wu 2k tt and 3.5k cd. Then spend most of the day with the family and then another work out in the late afternoon. The 2k tt is one of the few speed workouts for the week for me.

      All the best,


  7. Steve C - register a ranked piece at every distance? That includes a 100k!! Bring it on.!! (my wife shudders when I mention doing any endurance row - best not tell her!)

    I'd like to do another endurance piece before the end of the season - at least another marathon for a new PB, but I'd love to give the 100k a try, even a 24 hour or 1 million metre attempt is interesting me......(pain is weakness leaving the body!!). I think to be sensible however I need to concentrate the first half of the season on strength and spinting/medium distance pieces. Maybe once I get through the Summer and have hopefully improved my 2k times, then perhaps start thinking of endurance again. I'm moving house soon, and hopefully I'll have enough funds left over to get my own C2 - all this would be so much easier if I didn't need to head to the gym!

    Matt C