Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WEC 2014. Done!

Taking aside the fact we are a global team and there is always somebody still erging on the final day whenever I blog the last challenge entry - all I can say is;

"WEC 2014. DONE!"

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who took part in the 2014 World Erg Challenge; we had a strong field and out of the 45 team mates who signed up 44 members contributed metres to the competition.

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club9,063,85645201,419

It has been a great competition and there have been some stand out ETT'ers who have erged the lion's share of the final totals (the final metres may change over the next few days due to time zone differences).

Over the past six WEC's we have been slowly moving up the rankings as the team has grown and we have also attracted crazy team mates who erg a lot!

As a team we have erged MORE metres than for ANY of the previous 16 challenges. Whaoooo!

Let's look at the ETT WEC 2014 individual contributions:

Well done to the dedication of ETT'ers on this challenge. The top players are:
  • Our very own Dave H with his eye-wateringly-mental-metres of 1,680,000!! WOW
  • Nick-'the-machine'-W who hit his own personal 1 million metres this challenge. Brilliant!
  • Preston Z; 687k what a come-back to the team P! Loving your work ; )
  • Steve C half a million in 30+ days. Impressive
  • Jeff K lost some inches around his waist and erged 400k for the team! well done.
  • Diggy battled through some illness but still erged 350k+
  • Neil was very close behind Diggy with a fab 330k+
  • Rob D is the highest ranking 67 year old on the team! 270k+
  • Beat rowed way, way into the 200k+ club
  • Paul M had a great WEC and erged past 200k
  • Ric Y showed his constistent style and put in another great effort with 200k
  • John B put the hours in and achieved a bold 200k
  • Leslie precisely hit 200k to finish the WEC with flair!
We could not have achieved the final tally of over 9 million metres without the contribitions of the following ETT'ers:
  • Mark B was so close to 200k with 190k+ - any more metres to upload Mark?
  • Rainer, Lisa (our highest ranking female), John F and John G who are all regular dedicated ETT'er with 150k+
  • Andy S, Espen, Caroline and Tim with 140k+. Nice work there
  • Matt C, Matt B, Joe S, Edward and Pongi with 100k+ 
  • Team mates who rowed between 90k - 50k are: Norman, Jonathan, Michael S, Tim W, Karyn, Jean and Bouke
  • Ett'ers who contributed between 40k - 2k are: Mike B, Bill, Kevin, Wayne, David B, Lance, Mike S, Jim, Darren and Mark K.
Thanks to every single person in the team; EVERY metre counts and without your energy and hard-erging we would not have achieved our most ever metres for a team challenge.

Enjoy yourselves this Easter weekend. Have fun. Rest / don't rest. Eat, drink and be happy!

What are you planning to do now the WEC is over for another year?

Before I go; Nick W sent me this great photo rowing a marathon whilst watching the London Marathon on TV. Needless to say his wife was not very impressed with him taking over the living room ; ) 

London marathon on the TV.
Erg marathon in the living room!


  1. Excellent Dave and Nick for reaching over million meters!

  2. A few things,

    Caroline, as ever thanks so much for choreographing us all and pushing the team along. It has become a truly great part of my life to be an ETT'r.

    Secondly, is that a bald patch appearing on my head in the photo??!!! :-(

    Dave H, what a pity you had time off for your anniversary and I did for job hunting. I think we may have had a healthy duel but I sincerely take my hat off to you and congratulate you on those long, mentally challenging miles. Lets jump out of rowing speak for a moment and talk normally, YOU ROWED 1043 miles in a month and that is just remarkable, congratulations my friend.

    Matt B, I will never forget your 100,000 in a day and your story of how you got there. Whenever I feel sorry for myself for still not attracting a new career I read your profile and am so humbled and inspired by the strength it must have taken to achieve that.

    To everyone in the team, thanks for making this team so special and to Jeff, a new found friend, rowing partner and inspiration.....many years lay ahead buddy!

    All the best
    Nick W

  3. I thought it was going to be a good ETTing WEC this year and I was right. I back Nick's words and thank Caroline for erging us along ! Dave that was an amazing effort, looking forward to seeing you in future team events...I have had a few days off, time to get back into the CTCs I guess.. all the best to all the ETTers, we have a great team spirit, thanks to us all

  4. Thanks guys! We couldn't have done it without any of you ; )
    Enjoy a lovely Easter weekend x