Thursday, 10 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 27

The final week is storming away quickly so we need to make these last few days count ETT'ers.

Dave H sent me this cool photo celebrating his 1MM challenge and lifetime metres with a beer!!

Dave H enjoying a well-earned beer with his trusty C2 and lots of greenery!
Has anybody else got any erging related photos they would like to share with the team?
E-amil them to me at

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  1. That's a fantastic achievement Dave H .... Well Done! And that is one very well earnt beer! All the best with the next million which doesn't appear to be far away the way you are going which i'm sure you could celebrate with two beers. Cheers Pongi :)

  2. Amazing effort Dave H, you account for almost 20% of the ETT team total - wow ! Work has got in the way of me trying to get to 400k for the WEC, I hope to make 350k instead. The body is willing it is finding the hours in a day that is proving difficult..all the best to all you ETTers for these last few days