Sunday, 6 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 23

As Diggy mentioned in the previous post our very own David H is in 8th (since writing this post he has moved up a place!) 7th position out of 3679 individual rowers! What an amazing achievement.

As a team we have moved up into 9th place out of 222 world-wide teams and are still in first place in the 21-50 members category.

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,587,27245146,384

Keep on erging ETT'ers.

Diggy has rowed more metres than in any other challenge (nice work there!) and he thanked all ETT'ers for the extra motivation.

Have you achieved any PB's or other personal achievements during the WEC 2014?


  1. First off, congratulations to everyone for rowing so many meters and pushing me to do the same. And a special thanks to Nick W. He is a constant positive influence to me. We regularly email, text and post videos to each other on dropbox. We have a wonderful friendship/rivalry going. Every time I post PB for a ranking piece, I'm sure that within a few days he will go out and beat it, pushing me to do the same.

    So with that said, I just rowed my fastest 10K yesterday. 39:33.2. Not as fast as some of you guys, but fast for someone who has only been at this for 5 months after 18 years of inactivity. And to top it off, I am officially down 41 pounds from where I started at the end of October. When I started this, my goal was to lose 90 lbs and get my heart in shape. So I am almost halfway there with the weight, and all of my results from the doctor ordered tests are fantastic (even for someone half my age).

    So thanks to ETT for being a wonderful team and place to compete and be encouraged to push longer and harder.
    Jeff K.

    1. Excellent stuff Jeff! Its always great to have some friendly banter and rivallery to push you harder than you thought you could yourself.
      Good news on the shrinking waistline and your healthier heart too ; )
      We love having you on the team ; )

  2. Hi Jeff - I love good news stories - keep up the good fight.

    I had my annual blood tests last week in the middle of the challenge. Haven't got the results yet, but really interested to see what they show.

    Feeling strong for the final week effort, however my wife's patience is starting to wear thin. Had to spend as much time working in the garden as sitting on the rower yesterday to keep the peace.

    1. Ha, I thought that was very funny about the gardening story there... Its a shame its impossible to do two things at once - surely there could be a way to rig up the rower to a sprinkler system for the lawn / flower beds?...
      Keep on erging David - you are in the final straight and then you can have a chill out ; )
      It looks like you won't be doing too much chilling out - I think your wife needs to be pampered and treated to a nice meal or something ; )