Friday, 4 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 21

Three weeks into the challenge - I can not believe how fast the days are going by on the 2014 WEC.

Now, let's look at some impressive results from team ETT:

  • David H is nearly at 1MM! Big D is on top form for this challenge - nice work there
  • Nick-the-machine W is close behind with over 500k
  • Preston has rowed over 400k
  • Steve C is in sole member of the 300k club
  • Jeff, Neil, Diggy and Beat are in the 200k club
  • 15 ETT'ers have clocked up over 100k. Well done to Rob D, Mark B, Ric, Paul M, Epsen, Lisa (top female ETT'er), Rainer, Tim, John B, John G, Matt B, Leslie, Matt C, John F and Joe S.
  • Norman, Caroline, Edward, Pongi, Michael S, Andy S, Jonathan and Karyn have all rowed between 50k - 99k
  • The following team mates have contributed between 2.5k - 40k; Jean, Bill, Tim, Wayne, Bouke, Mike B, David B, Lance, Mike S, Jim, Darren, Kevin and Mark K.

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,147,49245136,611

If you compare our team against similar sized teams (21-50) we are placed in the number one spot out of 18 other teams! Yipeeeeeee

With that exciting news I think we can start week four with renewned energy.
The mission for the rest of the WEC is to keep in the top ten world-wide team rankings, and maintain our number one slot in the 21-50 members teams too!


  1. I predicted this would be a great ETT WEC, massive respect to David H, over a million already and number 5 of all the individuals, great work. I have reached the most I have been on the rower, managing to row over an hour, 6 days a week, thanks ETTers for getting me to this stage, even though the wife thinks I am mad. Looks like the Borgess are a Mon to Friday team, so next weekend is the key I think to get and keep ahead of them...I am looking forward to an exciting finish and also being in shape for the first time ever to attempt a FM in May Marathon challenge..all the best all keep on rowing

    1. Excellent stuuf Diggy - I think being slightly mad is a prerequisite for erging?!
      We should get a bunch of team mates to join you in the May Marathon Challenge for your FM session!