Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend team mates.

Don't forget the 2014 season finishes at the end of April so if you want to re-row any ranked pieces then you have 11 more days to make a difference.

Make sure you have uploaded all your metres to go towards your 2014 season total because the 2015 season will start on the 1st May 2014 (This does not effect your lifetime metres).


  1. Ranked pieces... time is pressing, tried an hour today, ugh! failed @50 mins, 10 days left, time for chocolate ?

  2. Steve there is always time for chocolate ; )
    Good luck on your next attempt at the hour

  3. Hoping to end season with 2 million lifetime meters. 70k is short at the moment, but there's still time :)

  4. Ace Rainer - fingers crossed you hit your target. 2 million metres will be a fantastic achievement ; )

    1. Yesterday I became a member of 2 million metres club :)