Sunday, 6 April 2014

April CTC

Dave 'Pongi' P is the first team mate to tackle the April Cross Team Challenge that was set by Sub 7.
It's called the 3 Peaks and you have to row the collective height of the three highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales ( 1344m (the height of Ben Nevis), 978m (the height of Scafell Pike), 1085m (the height of Snowdon)

Row these in any order you like, and take a total of 5 minutes rest, sliced any way you like ... .Examples: 1344m - 3' rest - 978m - 2' rest - 1085m 978m - 2:30 rest - 1344m - 2:30 rest - 1085m

2014-04-06PongiMHWTEmpty the Tanks12:09.9


  1. Was going to do a slow half marathon this morning but by 5k ish body (and mind) were telling me they didn't fancy it, so checked what the CTC was and did that instead. Saw Dave's time before I set off, very nicely done Dave, but quickly realised it was going to be out of my reach today. I did 1,344m - 3:30' rest - 1,085m - 1:30' rest - 978m. If I had another go I would probably do it in the same order but split the rest 3 and 2. Was lucky to finish in the end as body and mind were ganging up on me, but managed to keep it just below 1:50. Good luck everyone.

  2. Well done on your CTC effort Jonathan! That's pretty good going especially considering that you had just pulled out of a HM so that would have taken a big mental (and physical) battle to finish the CTC which is a tough one!

    I also completed a HM the previous day which was my first since June last year and my first since returning from injury and managed to finish it at sub 2.00min pace which i was happy with. Therefore i was feeling a little fatigued but not too bad for the CTC.

    For a first effort i started off quite conservatively and split my rest time at 2min then 3min to give my self a longer rest break so i could give it everything for the last piece. My results were; 1344m @1:49.7; 2min rest; 1085m @ 1:46.7; 3min rest; 978m @ 1:43.8. Next time i give it a go i'll aim for about 1:45 average pace. Good luck everyone!! Pongi :)