Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April CTC final day and end of 2014 season

Hello folks, I have got into a bad habit recently of leaving the Cross Team Challenges to the very last day... I entered a conservative time but unfortunately this month I didn't manage to help float a second boat into the rankings ; (
Well done to the following team mates who entered some cracking times for the 3 Peaks Challenge:

66 Pongi M ETT 1  11:56.4    1:45.1  301.2
105 Jonathan Turns ETT M ETT 1  12:26.7    1:49.6  266
141 Norman Haas M ETT 1  12:54.3    1:53.6  238.5
142 Rob Drury m ETT 1  12:55.5    1:53.8  237.4
192 Karyn McNamara F ETT 1  13:54.6    2:02.5  190.5
163 edward jackson M ETT 2  13:18.5    1:57.2  217.5
218 Diggy m ETT 2  14:37.4    2:08.8  163.9
225 Caroline Joynson f ETT 2  14:52.2    2:10.9  155.9

Today is the last day of the C2 (The Rowing Company) rowing season so make sure you have ranked any rows so your time will be entered into the world-rankings.

Have you made any pledges for the 2015 season yet?

Well done to Rainer who recently hit 2 million lifetime metres - excellent work there! 


  1. Thank you Caroline for being such a good team leader and making so inspiring rowing blog!

    1. Thanks Rainer - thanks for being such a fab team mate!

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  3. Pleased I met my 2014 season goal of 2M metres, not sure what to set myself this season, any suggestions welcome, I am a very light lightweight male(<60kg) and prefer endurance to speed for obvious reasons....

    1. How about a marathon / longer distance challenge? I did the 100k 2 years ago - it is definately a mental as well as physical challenge!
      Maybe a total distance for the season challenge? Good idea to stick to endurance but doing some of the shorter sprint sessions / interval training can help your technique too.

  4. Congratulations to both Rainer and Diggy for reaching their respective milestones ..... Well Done! Also thank you to you Caroline for your leadership and for facilitating a positive, encouraging and inclusive team environment.

    My number one objective for 2015 is get through the season injury free! My other aims are to row a minimum of 1M metres for the season, to maintain consistency and maybe achieve a new PB or two.

    I don't row as much as i used to due to other fitness interests. I'm right into cycling at the moment as well as pilates, resistance training and boxing (just with a punching bag). Hopefully these other activities will complement my rowing.

    I hope to get back into running but i'm a bit nervous about it as it was running that largely contributed to my injuries. But if i do get back into running i wouldn't mind giving triathlons a go.

    I wish all my ETT team mates the very best for the 2015 rowing season


    1. Congratulations to all on the 2014 season. Look foward to giving it my all during the 2015 season with the Empty the Tanks team mates.

    2. My pleasure - you are all a great bunch of people to motivate and you help me push myself too!