Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April Challenges 2014

Did anybody get April Fool'ed yesterday, or does that only happen when you are about five?

Back to the more serious matters of erging. This months challenges are as follows:

April Cross Team Challenge

This months set has been devised by SUB 7 and is an interesting take on a CTC theme entitled the 'Three Peak Challenge'

3 Peaks Challenge 1344m (the height of Ben Nevis)
978m (the height of Scafell Pike)
1085m (the height of Snowdon)

Row these in any order you like, and take a total of 5 minutes rest, sliced any way you like ... .
Examples: 1344m - 3' rest - 978m - 2' rest - 1085m
978m - 2:30 rest - 1344m - 2:30 rest - 1085m

Record your total time for 3407m not including the 5 minutes rest.
First rep from a static start, rolling starts allowed on subsequent reps.

The Rowing Company Challenge Series Round 8

I can't believe its round 8 already! I decided to abandon the Challenge Series this season after missing the December deadline for entering my time (it's the first time I have 'jumped ship' on an erg challenge half-way through - as we have discussed in recent blog-posts sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way!).

This month the challenge is to see how far you can row in 16 minutes 19 seconds (the fastest time recorded for the Oxford / Cambridge Boat Race from Putney to Barnes Bridge on the River Thames).

For those of you who are interested in OTW rowing; the boat race is happening this Sunday 6th April, follow the link to get more information

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