Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April CTC final day and end of 2014 season

Hello folks, I have got into a bad habit recently of leaving the Cross Team Challenges to the very last day... I entered a conservative time but unfortunately this month I didn't manage to help float a second boat into the rankings ; (
Well done to the following team mates who entered some cracking times for the 3 Peaks Challenge:

66 Pongi M ETT 1  11:56.4    1:45.1  301.2
105 Jonathan Turns ETT M ETT 1  12:26.7    1:49.6  266
141 Norman Haas M ETT 1  12:54.3    1:53.6  238.5
142 Rob Drury m ETT 1  12:55.5    1:53.8  237.4
192 Karyn McNamara F ETT 1  13:54.6    2:02.5  190.5
163 edward jackson M ETT 2  13:18.5    1:57.2  217.5
218 Diggy m ETT 2  14:37.4    2:08.8  163.9
225 Caroline Joynson f ETT 2  14:52.2    2:10.9  155.9

Today is the last day of the C2 (The Rowing Company) rowing season so make sure you have ranked any rows so your time will be entered into the world-rankings.

Have you made any pledges for the 2015 season yet?

Well done to Rainer who recently hit 2 million lifetime metres - excellent work there! 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend team mates.

Don't forget the 2014 season finishes at the end of April so if you want to re-row any ranked pieces then you have 11 more days to make a difference.

Make sure you have uploaded all your metres to go towards your 2014 season total because the 2015 season will start on the 1st May 2014 (This does not effect your lifetime metres).

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WEC 2014. Done!

Taking aside the fact we are a global team and there is always somebody still erging on the final day whenever I blog the last challenge entry - all I can say is;

"WEC 2014. DONE!"

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who took part in the 2014 World Erg Challenge; we had a strong field and out of the 45 team mates who signed up 44 members contributed metres to the competition.

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club9,063,85645201,419

It has been a great competition and there have been some stand out ETT'ers who have erged the lion's share of the final totals (the final metres may change over the next few days due to time zone differences).

Over the past six WEC's we have been slowly moving up the rankings as the team has grown and we have also attracted crazy team mates who erg a lot!

As a team we have erged MORE metres than for ANY of the previous 16 challenges. Whaoooo!

Let's look at the ETT WEC 2014 individual contributions:

Well done to the dedication of ETT'ers on this challenge. The top players are:
  • Our very own Dave H with his eye-wateringly-mental-metres of 1,680,000!! WOW
  • Nick-'the-machine'-W who hit his own personal 1 million metres this challenge. Brilliant!
  • Preston Z; 687k what a come-back to the team P! Loving your work ; )
  • Steve C half a million in 30+ days. Impressive
  • Jeff K lost some inches around his waist and erged 400k for the team! well done.
  • Diggy battled through some illness but still erged 350k+
  • Neil was very close behind Diggy with a fab 330k+
  • Rob D is the highest ranking 67 year old on the team! 270k+
  • Beat rowed way, way into the 200k+ club
  • Paul M had a great WEC and erged past 200k
  • Ric Y showed his constistent style and put in another great effort with 200k
  • John B put the hours in and achieved a bold 200k
  • Leslie precisely hit 200k to finish the WEC with flair!
We could not have achieved the final tally of over 9 million metres without the contribitions of the following ETT'ers:
  • Mark B was so close to 200k with 190k+ - any more metres to upload Mark?
  • Rainer, Lisa (our highest ranking female), John F and John G who are all regular dedicated ETT'er with 150k+
  • Andy S, Espen, Caroline and Tim with 140k+. Nice work there
  • Matt C, Matt B, Joe S, Edward and Pongi with 100k+ 
  • Team mates who rowed between 90k - 50k are: Norman, Jonathan, Michael S, Tim W, Karyn, Jean and Bouke
  • Ett'ers who contributed between 40k - 2k are: Mike B, Bill, Kevin, Wayne, David B, Lance, Mike S, Jim, Darren and Mark K.
Thanks to every single person in the team; EVERY metre counts and without your energy and hard-erging we would not have achieved our most ever metres for a team challenge.

Enjoy yourselves this Easter weekend. Have fun. Rest / don't rest. Eat, drink and be happy!

What are you planning to do now the WEC is over for another year?

Before I go; Nick W sent me this great photo rowing a marathon whilst watching the London Marathon on TV. Needless to say his wife was not very impressed with him taking over the living room ; ) 

London marathon on the TV.
Erg marathon in the living room!

Monday, 14 April 2014

April CTC and the penultimate WEC 2014 Day

Well done to the following team mates who have entered times for the Sub 7 '3 peaks challenge' for the April Cross Team Challenge. There are some great times entered as you can see below:

6 pts
Empty the Tanks I12:58.4
Pongi (H)
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
edward jackson (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

Position Name M/F Time Pace Power
44 Pongi M  12:09.9    1:47.1  284.8
58 Jonathan Turns ETT M  12:26.7    1:49.6  266
79 Rob Drury m  13:02.7    1:54.9  230.9
87 edward jackson M  13:18.5    1:57.2  217.5
96 Karyn McNamara F  13:54.6    2:02.5  190.5

As for the penultimate day of the WEC 2014 we are in good shape folks.
We are still in 10th place out of 222 teams.

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club8,748,36745194,408

Keep rowing hard ETT'ers - we can do this!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 30

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club8,354,87345185,664

A whole 30 days of erging is coming to a close soon - only two more days to make a difference to your individual and team metres.
As a team, we have been rowing an average of 275k a day (with thanks to Dave H who has upped our average daily metres considerably).

How are you feeling ETT'ers?
Are you looking forward to the end of the challenge or enjoying the daily routine of erging those extra metres?

We need to keep a close eye on the Team NAS Pensacola who are 700k behind us - who knows what metres they might upload in the next few days?!

Keep up the awesome work team and I will write a more detailed breakdown of individuals contributions on Tuesday.

Row hard x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 27

The final week is storming away quickly so we need to make these last few days count ETT'ers.

Dave H sent me this cool photo celebrating his 1MM challenge and lifetime metres with a beer!!

Dave H enjoying a well-earned beer with his trusty C2 and lots of greenery!
Has anybody else got any erging related photos they would like to share with the team?
E-amil them to me at

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club7,673,94845170,532

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 25

We are entering the last week of the challenge and we have maintained our 9th place position for a week now. Let's crank up the metres to make sure we keep in the top ten out of 222 world-wide teams.

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club7,095,51845157,678

We are still number one in the 21-50 members category!

And David H is still in the top ten for the most metres erged by an individual out of 3750 rowers!! He has moved into 6th place now... keep up the dedication David.... only 7 more days to go.

What is your plan for the final week?
Have you any metre goals to achieve?
What are you most looking forward to doing when the WEC is over?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

April CTC

Dave 'Pongi' P is the first team mate to tackle the April Cross Team Challenge that was set by Sub 7.
It's called the 3 Peaks and you have to row the collective height of the three highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales ( 1344m (the height of Ben Nevis), 978m (the height of Scafell Pike), 1085m (the height of Snowdon)

Row these in any order you like, and take a total of 5 minutes rest, sliced any way you like ... .Examples: 1344m - 3' rest - 978m - 2' rest - 1085m 978m - 2:30 rest - 1344m - 2:30 rest - 1085m

2014-04-06PongiMHWTEmpty the Tanks12:09.9

WEC 2014 Day 23

As Diggy mentioned in the previous post our very own David H is in 8th (since writing this post he has moved up a place!) 7th position out of 3679 individual rowers! What an amazing achievement.

As a team we have moved up into 9th place out of 222 world-wide teams and are still in first place in the 21-50 members category.

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,587,27245146,384

Keep on erging ETT'ers.

Diggy has rowed more metres than in any other challenge (nice work there!) and he thanked all ETT'ers for the extra motivation.

Have you achieved any PB's or other personal achievements during the WEC 2014?

Friday, 4 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 21

Three weeks into the challenge - I can not believe how fast the days are going by on the 2014 WEC.

Now, let's look at some impressive results from team ETT:

  • David H is nearly at 1MM! Big D is on top form for this challenge - nice work there
  • Nick-the-machine W is close behind with over 500k
  • Preston has rowed over 400k
  • Steve C is in sole member of the 300k club
  • Jeff, Neil, Diggy and Beat are in the 200k club
  • 15 ETT'ers have clocked up over 100k. Well done to Rob D, Mark B, Ric, Paul M, Epsen, Lisa (top female ETT'er), Rainer, Tim, John B, John G, Matt B, Leslie, Matt C, John F and Joe S.
  • Norman, Caroline, Edward, Pongi, Michael S, Andy S, Jonathan and Karyn have all rowed between 50k - 99k
  • The following team mates have contributed between 2.5k - 40k; Jean, Bill, Tim, Wayne, Bouke, Mike B, David B, Lance, Mike S, Jim, Darren, Kevin and Mark K.

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,147,49245136,611

If you compare our team against similar sized teams (21-50) we are placed in the number one spot out of 18 other teams! Yipeeeeeee

With that exciting news I think we can start week four with renewned energy.
The mission for the rest of the WEC is to keep in the top ten world-wide team rankings, and maintain our number one slot in the 21-50 members teams too!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WEC 2014 Day 19

We are close to the three week mark and have made a fantastic effort to move up the rankings in recent days. We are still in the top ten and have surpassed the five million metres mark and are gaining momentum towards 6 million by the end of the week ; )

10Empty the TanksVirtual Club5,695,11145126,558

April Challenges 2014

Did anybody get April Fool'ed yesterday, or does that only happen when you are about five?

Back to the more serious matters of erging. This months challenges are as follows:

April Cross Team Challenge

This months set has been devised by SUB 7 and is an interesting take on a CTC theme entitled the 'Three Peak Challenge'

3 Peaks Challenge 1344m (the height of Ben Nevis)
978m (the height of Scafell Pike)
1085m (the height of Snowdon)

Row these in any order you like, and take a total of 5 minutes rest, sliced any way you like ... .
Examples: 1344m - 3' rest - 978m - 2' rest - 1085m
978m - 2:30 rest - 1344m - 2:30 rest - 1085m

Record your total time for 3407m not including the 5 minutes rest.
First rep from a static start, rolling starts allowed on subsequent reps.

The Rowing Company Challenge Series Round 8

I can't believe its round 8 already! I decided to abandon the Challenge Series this season after missing the December deadline for entering my time (it's the first time I have 'jumped ship' on an erg challenge half-way through - as we have discussed in recent blog-posts sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way!).

This month the challenge is to see how far you can row in 16 minutes 19 seconds (the fastest time recorded for the Oxford / Cambridge Boat Race from Putney to Barnes Bridge on the River Thames).

For those of you who are interested in OTW rowing; the boat race is happening this Sunday 6th April, follow the link to get more information