Saturday, 15 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day One and new team mate

The ETT work-out warriors have started the WEC as we mean to go on. We have almost reached 200k on the first day of the challenge and are in 7th place out of 92 teams.

Last year we finished in the top 8% in 13th position so we want to maintain this excellent start with a top ten slot.

New team mate David H
New team mate David H has stormed to the top of the team with a very bold 40k - we are loving your work there David... hope you have more of that energy and enthusiasm during the rest of the challenge.

1 David Hannan 40,000
2 Rainer Saad 22,000
3 Nick Wardekker 21,097
4 Dave Pongracz 15,808
5 Matt Collard 14,891
6 Jeff Kuecker 12,590
7 John Digweed 12,517
8 Preston Zale 12,500
9 John Fewtrell 10,000
10 Leslie Fox 7,000
11 Karyn McNamara 6,524
12 Caroline Joynson 6,000
13 Jean Curran 5,000
14 Lisa Kuecker 5,000
15 Mike Schnell 5,000

Sixteen more team mates have signed up for the challenge but are yet to upload their metres. I am looking forward to rowing with you all again team ; )

Row hard!


  1. Great to be part of the team - plan to destroy myself this weekend - then have a few days off for 20th wedding anniversary - unless of course they have a rower at the resort !

  2. Glad to have you on the team David H.
    Don't know how popular you would be with your other half if you sneaked off to do some damage on the rowing machine; on the up-side you would be hugely popular with ETT'ers!

  3. David,

    Welcome to the team. Very impressive start! Hopefully you'll have something left when you get back from your time off.
    Jeff K.