Sunday, 9 March 2014

WEC 2014

Have you signed up for the World Erg Challenge yet?
It starts on Saturday 15th March until Tuesday 15th April.
Last year we finished in 13th place out of 147 teams. Let's show the world what we've got ETT'ers!!

Jonathan Turns
Salvador Hinojosa
Leslie Fox
Matthew Brewster
John Digweed
Preston Zale
Karyn McNamara
Norman Haas
Caroline Joynson
Jean Curran
Mike Bode
Tim Williams
Joseph Smyntek
Paul Merhib
Rainer Saad
Matt Collard
tim johnson
Jeff Kuecker
Lisa Kuecker
David Hannan
Neil Ryan


  1. Let's do it!!!

  2., OK, please don't think this is an invitation for another Team Challenge within a Challenge (like the HM challenge during January!), but I am due to row a marathon during WEC, should be on 26th March. Anyone want to join me in some way? Not necessarily to do a FM (!!), but perhaps some 10k's or more HM''s only a couple of weeks away so prep time not the best, but any support that day (or that week) would be a boost for me....thoughts welcome.

    Matt C

    1. Hi Matt - not sure I can commit to a FM on the 26th but might tackle a different distance challenge instead. Good luck!

  3. Soz, just signed up, I'm gig-rowing a lot atm, but will try to contribute as much as possible.

    1. Hi Steve C - whats gig-rowing? Sounds like fun?!

  4. Hi, Caroline, a Gig is a traditional 6-rower (+cox) boat from Cornwall - used for smuggling / ferrying pilots / saving wrecked souls (choose your origin - it's all). Gig racing has spread to many parts of Southern England (+ the mighty Dutch teams). We race on the sea, in swell and waves, and, today, on the sunny Helford river in Devon. It's immense fun; a little competitive. If you google "port isaac regatta" for images you see our "ladies" in action ... We meet up for the "world championships in the isles of scilly in a mass 125-boat start, then a little drinking, then some more racing...

    I would urge anyone liking the C2 to get onto the water (in a boat that suits) - the fitness that the C2 produces really shows, and rowing in a crew has made me a better all-round rower on the C2. yol1, get wet.

    1. Hi Steve, That does sound fun; I have only had a chance to get OTW at Richmond (Thames) to row the traditional rowing boats. I'd like to see how I would fair in a team-boat situation.