Saturday, 22 March 2014

WEC 2014 Days seven and eight and a Matt B World Record

Matt B and his family after completing his 100k challenge
Matt B has been working towards a Sport Relief challenge of 100k in the LTA category.

He finished the 100k para-row in world record time in his disability category in 10:19:45.0 at an average pace of 3:05.9 seconds/500m on Friday 21st March. Amazing stuff Matt you are an absolute super star.

Let us know how it went and how much money you raised for charity. I'm sure a couple of ETT'ers would be happy to contribute to celebrate your fantastic and worthwhile achievement!

Today sees the team in 9th place out of 198 teams. Nick W (who is on his own crazy challenge within a challenge), David H, Preston, Steve C, Jeff K, Matt B and Diggy are burning some serious fuel to achieve those metre counts so early in the challenge.

We are holding on to our top ten position in the first week of the WEC so congratulations to all contributors. Row strong ; )

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club2,368,5984157,771


  1. Great effort Matt and congrats on the World Record. Let me know if you have a JustGiving page as I have been looking for an excuse to donate and your challenge beats Davina!

  2. Amazing result Matt, sincere congratulations!!!!!

  3. Well done Matt, sounds like a tremendous achievement!

  4. Matt, congratulations on the World Record, fantastic achievement (-:

    I have been very slow getting going on the Virtual Challenge, the start of which coincided with working away from home for a few days and a some nice weather. As a result I didn't row for 11 days, the hotel had a gym...but no C2, the nice weather has meant I have been out on the bike (60+ miles done) instead of sat inside on the rower.

    I promise to do better! 10k added today, with similar planned for next couple of days.

    Some absolutely fantastic efforts already!


  5. Matt, you are absolutely amazing!! What an inspiration.
    Jeff K

  6. Inspiring stuff Matt - well done
    David H

  7. Excellent, well done Matt!

  8. Amazing stuff Matt and a World Recird too!! I am doing another marathon this week (on Wednesday in the office at work - a glutton for punishment!!). When the lactic acid starts to kick in and I feel like I want to stop, I 'll think of you and stop whining.....after all, I won't even be covering half the distance you just did! Respect.....

    Matt C