Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WEC 2014 days 11 and 12

The top team mate Nick contacted me yesterday with news that he will not be able to put in as many metres for the remainder of the challenge becuase of work commitments. He has reached the next stage of interview process for a new job which will involve a lot of extra hours of work and research that will impact on his erging.
Good luck with everything Nick and we will hope to see your big metres again in September 2014 for the Fall Team Challenge!

Back to the competition; we are snapping on the heals of a new team in the top ten with a catchy team name Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. with our past rivals the Greenville Indoor Rowing over 100k ahead of us.

I think that Matt C was doing his FM today? I wonder how he got on..... did anybody join him?

I hope you are all full of energy, here in the UK it is officially spring time and we will be switching to daylight saving time (clocks spring forward an hour) on Saturday / Sunday morning so it feels so much nicer with longer days and shorter nights.

How are things in your part of the world ETT'ers?

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  1. Hi Caroline - sad to hear we are losing 'the machine'! Don't you hate it when life gets in the way! Anyway, I did a FM today (maybe you were thinking of me?), in the office, at work, in front of loads of people.....glutton for punishment! London Youth Rowing brought in a number of machines to the office today in the build up to the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race in April (my company are the major sponsors), so I took my opportunity for some public humiliation! But what a day......I beat by last FM time by nearly 3 minutes, pulling 2:55:45.9, but not only that, LYR have a new ambassador, one Mark Hunter, Olympic rower (Men's Lightweight Double Sculls, Gold at Beijing, Silver at London). All of a sudden, with about 12k to go, Mark Hunter turns up in his GB gear and just sat on the machine next to me to row me to the finish! Absolutely amazing, what an honour. And that's all he'd turned up for, to row with me. Certainly one for the memory bank. He was super supportive as was everyone else there and I am sure him pulling next to me gave some inspiration.....

    However, there is a negative side to all this. As I tend to throw everything into my marathons, my body is in pieces! Had an ice bath, wore recovery tights and had a massage this evening, which will all help, but probably won't get back on a rower for the next week. Sorry, my contribution to WEC may have also come to an end or will be limited from now. I am sure we can still hold our own, we have some truly impressive rowers on the Team. Come on ETT!!!

    Matt C

    1. Hi Matt yes I was thinking of you there - sorry I got mixed up with my ETT'ers there - in my defence it was late, long day at work etc....
      So glad you managed to pull that off and WOW what an honour rowing with Mark Hunter - how cool is that!

  2. Wow, Matt, that sounds like a life-memory to savour and pull-out on rainy days - I'm really impressed you did it in public, surely an advocate for others to take to the C2, swift recovery Great news, Nick, good decision; I've had a C2 for 20 years (not the same one): some years I row, and some years I can't - it's always there and I keep coming back; I row better each time I do, and increasingly enjoy it.

    Caroline, alas no FM for me; for my sins today I agreed to do a 2K as part of the Gig club "hooray the clocks are changing and we're back OTW next week', event; my most hated distance - just one second faster than a PB is still a PB; and so now I am free to row longer, distances I like... although not quite in Nick's league.

  3. The best I managed, in the midst of my sponsored 8 month 1 million meters, was a single-seated 30k meters, so I am inordinately impressed with anyone who can do a full marathon.

    I know Caroline did 100k in a day, and I still find that incredible. Anyone else done monster distances, FM or more?

  4. Matt, what a fantastic experience, and congratulations on the Marathon PB, hope you recover soon (-:

    Steve, which gig club do you row with?....also congratulations on the PB (-:

    For me, have managed 40k since Saturday, so finally got some metres on the board alongside some cycling, I'm doing a 65 mile cycling sportive in the middle of April so need to try and make sure I am ready.....the longer evenings will certainly help (-:

  5. Thanks, Jonathan, I row for Bude gig club, Cornwall, mostly training on a local lake until the swell on our surf beaches calm down, then we're off to sea as much as possible. Hauling a gig back through the dunes, sun setting on your back, after a long summer sea row has to be experienced...

    ETTers, I would love to know, from anyone who has done 100k how / what / when do you eat / drink / rest ? - I'm quite enticed by the challenge but I did a FM each Sunday of Advent last year, and that was, err, numbing, even with a short break.

  6. Hi All and thanks for positive comments - certainly a day to remember. Anyone interested in seeing the last 100m (of agony!!) I have loaded a video here:

    Mark Hunter looks somewhat more comfortable and composed than me, but then I'd say that was because I'd rowed 30,000m more than he had rather than because he's an Olympic rower...!!

    Steve - 100k is an intriguing distance (don't tell my wife!!), although leg and backside pain would be my major concern. I can barely walk today!! Interested to hear anyone else who has experience too.

    Steve, I grew up in Cornwall and did my first FM down there last year - perhaps we can meet up for the next challenge!!

    Matt C

  7. Well done Matt C on your marathon and Matt B on your 100k!

    Sorry have not been contributing much to the WEC so far. Work, life and general laziness have got the better of me unfortunately. Started a learn to row course earlier this year and have to say that rowing on the stagnating waterways of Adelaide is a bit less stressful then surf boat rowing but the accompanying dysentery is a downside...on the upside it has introduced me to the use of slides and have found this a lot less stressful to my back.

    Keep on rowing team

  8. Most I have done is a Fully Marathon, though I have done a few of those over the years. I find with any of the longer rows having something to look forward to helps me....normally having a drink of fluids, and to try and trick the mind (and body) into thinking it is getting easier by having them at reducing intervals in the second half of the row, ie you may drink at 35k 28k, 21k, 15k, 10k, 6k, 3k, 2k and 1k.....though that very much depends on whether you are going for a PB....or just trying to get to the end (-:

    Steve, I am with the Salcombe Club, raced gigs for about 5 years up until about 2007 before children stopped wanted to be dragged around the rowing circuit, done more coxing and coaching since then and most of my rowing has been done off the water, but going to get back in the gig again this season. Fortunately, we only have to pull the boat up a slipway, but through the dunes sounds an experience (-:

  9. Hi, Jonathan, I like the drinking strategy - I have tried every 10k, but that makes the last 12k so long. My children have always refused to come to regattas, and to use the C2 - but I'm hoping that softly, softly catchy... Are you going to the Scillies ? If so we should meet up for a pint, The Mermaid, Sunday :) IIRC we rowed in one of your boats lent at the Vets championships one year, it was so fast, a delight to row.

    Matt - yes, Cornwall is a great place to grow up - the bright-lights are beckoning my eldest now; but he'll be back. It would be good to have company for a FM - isn't there some kind of FM event held down here annually ?

  10. Karyn, just noticed the surf-boat reference - hardcore ! We had a ladies surf boat crew in Bude and, well let's say, there was a capsizing that nobody cares to talk about; the crew disbanded shortly after. I thought surf-boats were "sliding seat" ? - or should we not go there...

  11. Steve, I've only ever got them on the C2 occasionally, though my older son started to learn how to row the gig last year and hoping to again this year. I won't be in the Scillies this year so it will have to be a virtual pint this time (-: ....maybe get there again one day but who knows may do one or two events this year if the club are a rower short, so will keep an eye out for Bude.