Thursday, 20 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day six

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We are on a roll. Keep on rowing ETT'ers ; ) 


  1. An excellent start ETTers and with Nick W on one of his uber challenges (all the best with that Nick) we are in for a "cracking" World Erg Challenge. Good to see Preston Z back in the seat !!! I am going to surpass my 2M season goal if I manage to keep up the 10k a day average goal for this WEC.

  2. Well a few things....

    Diggy, thanks for the kind words of encouragement mate, 28 hours of rowing this week so I am indulging in a chocolate trifle tonight!!!

    Preston, you without doubt win the BEST photo for a C2 profile, it's simply amazing!!!

    Matt B, what can I say??!! An LTC world record of 100k in a day and all for charity. Only by reading you profile does it really hit home just how remarkable that is.....I cannot imagine doing 100k in a day even with a clean bill of health. I do hope you are going to share your remarkable story with everyone and thanks for writing to me. You truly are an inspiration and a remarkable asset to ETT!!!!

    Jeff K & I have been challenging each other during February with times of different pieces and both have broken our personal bests virtually on a weekly basis. I see he is slacking this month though so the Brits are beating the Americans! :-)

    Right then, I am off to open my trifle before another demands 50k from me. Keep rowing everyone! :-)