Sunday, 30 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day 16

Wow, those two weeks have flown by (row'n by) ; (
Well, let me get you up to speed as to where we are in the rankings:

We have settled in 9th place out of 218 teams. That put's us in the top 4% of world-wide teams!

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club4,839,55443112,548

Some individual statistics from our enthusiastic ergers; in 16 days the following team mates have racked up some mighty meaty metres!
  • David H has reached an awe inspiring 690,000 metres! When do you eat / sleep / work? WOW! Keep up that pace and you will erg the whole team up a position by next week.
  • Nick W (the machine) is in the half million metres club already with 500,180 metres. Magnificent stuff.
  • Preston is in the 300k club. Nice to have you back P!
  • Steve C, Jeff and Neil are in good company with 200k+
  • Diggy, Rob D, Beat, Tim, Rainer, Mark B, Paul, Lisa, Matt B, Leslie, Espen and Ric have all clocked up over 100k!
  • John F, John G, Joe S, Andy S, Caroline, Pongi (Dave P), Narman, Michael S and Edward (who will be retiring soon - so, more metres from you Edward?) have all rowed between 50k - 95k
  • Thanks to the rest of the team have contributed between 2k - 49k; Jonathan, Karyn, Jean, Bill, Wayne, Bouke, David B, Mike S, Lance, Tim, Mike B, Darren and Mark K. 
Lets aim for 8th place in week three. 
Keep on erging ETT'ers.

With Matt B still recovering form his amazing 100k effort and a few ETT'ers thinking about some longer distance events read my blog post from Easter 2012 (still a painful memory) about thoughts / after effects and advice for a 100k session


  1. Hi Caroline - A year ago I was unable to walk (had been dragging myself around on crutches for 8 years), and had just been diagnosed with Diabetes.
    I am trying to manage the diabetes with exercise & diet for as long as I can, and have surprisingly regained a lot of function & strength in my legs.
    The daily routine has been modified for the challenge, with exercise bike, gym session & even walking the dog - replaced with erging sessions (each session = 10k)
    Alarm set for 0500 - which allows 20 k before breakfast, at work for 9 hours which gives plenty of time to recover, then 30k before dinner, an additional 10 k after dinner if I'm feeling good or chasing someone.
    Eating is more problematic, as I normally avoid refined carbs & fats, but have been having bread, biscuits, cakes, icecream etc as snacks between sessions to make sue I don't run out of energy.
    Even with all the work I am really enjoying the challenge and can feel myself getting fitter every day - David H

  2. Hi,

    at weekend, I took part of Estonian half-marathon rowing contest. This year French indoor rowers participated and even 100K meters world record owner Paul Buchanan. Paul won the contest and his time was incredible 1:12:43,8. One Estonian woman made a new world record with 1:23:52,3. Amazing!! The contest was very tough and nearly all Estonian world record owners took part. I was able to do my own personal best :)

    See results here:

  3. David H - inspirational stuff, both on coming back into fitness from what sounds like a pretty tough time AND putting in so many metres for the WEC - that's over a marathon every day! I'm still in pieces from my one marathon last week! Be interested to know what kind of pace you are keeping for each of those sessions and how that might compare to your PB's for the same distances?

    Don't think I'll seriously be able to get back on the Erg 'til next week, so my 110k (ish!) metres will be pretty static - maybe get in another 30k or so before the end of the WEC....

    Caroline - amazing committment to complete the 100k back in 2012! Definitely understand the point about breaks/drinks quickly adding up and diluting your pace. I tried to cut down the carb breaks last week by taking on most carbs in drinks that I could take on without completely stopping. The break/nutrition aspect is certainly something that interests me about attempting a 100k - surely no-one would do 100k without ever getting off the machine? The pain after doing that for 3 hours is enormous, let alone for 7, 8, 9 hours!

    Matt C

  4. Hi Matt - congats on your FM - nice time. My plan was to do marathons when I bought the rower, and was training for the first one in May - aiming at about 3 hrs (170 W)
    I had heart rhythm problems in Jan, so lost over 1 month getting it sorted - so abandoned my marathon training.
    At the start of the challenge I was averaging between 150 - 160 W - ie 43 min for 10 K, but found this pace a bit tough to maintain. I am now doing a leisurely 80 W (54 min) for the early morning session, and between 100 - 120 W (50 min) for other sessions - as you can see there is not an enormous time difference, and I can back up for another session after a coffee.
    Will have to work on getting back to a decent pace after the challenge.
    David H

  5. Hi Dave - still a pretty good pace there considering you are doing it day in day out. I'd love to have my own erg at home. I did my marathon on an almost brand new Model D in black, looked really cool! Jealous!

    In comparison to your 10k sessions, my average 10k pace during the marathon was around 41 mins and 39 seconds. I've been looking at a couple of short videos of my final (painful!) moments and I think I have plenty of work to do on technique, my strokes per minute is way too high over the long distance. I have resolved to 2 new goals by this time next year, knock over 10 seconds off my 2k PB (get down to 6 mins 45 seconds) and to pull a sub 2 hour 45 minute marathon. That last one is pretty ambitious (!!), but I'm sure with the right focus and improved technique I can knock 10 minutes off my time. Need to spend the next 3 to six months on generic strength and technique first - might even treat myself to some training at a club.....perhaps we can compare notes and new PB's over the coming 12 months!!

    Still thinking a 100k at some point would be interesting - I blame Steve C for stoking my interest on that one!

    Matt C

  6. Very impressive, David - doing such distance and working - I use to do 40 mile bike rides to work, then slump into a warm fuzzy coma all morning (and still get paid); Well done for tackling your diabetes head-on with exercise; keep us informed how it goes.

    Matt, after reading Caroline's account then I'm definitely going to give 100k a whirl on Sat-12 - I'll watch-out for the PM time-out issue, but not quite so sure about the chocolate...pasties won't help either. I tend towards a high stroke rate, 30-32 (the cartilage in my knees was used up in the mountains of France), this is less energy efficient, apparently, than a lower stroke rate. I guess it's whatever works for you.

    I was interested in Rainers post about the Estonian HM contest - do longer events happen in the UK ? it all seems 2K, or do people generally travel throughout Europe for such events ?

    1. Hi Steve,

      actually nobody traveled Estonia for that contest, people just made photo of their erg screen and sent it to contest manager. In that way it became international.

  7. Steve - a pasty almost always hits the spot!! Wow! Sat 12th April - next Saturday? I'd need a bit more of a run up to it than that! Have you any target time's in mind? Definitely put brand new batteries in the PM before you start!! I think that with a higher stroke rate like you say you are using more energy and raising the heart rate at a faster earlier on (at least that's my perception of what I read), so, in short, you become exhausted quicker. I'd love to be able to stroke in the low 20's and still keep pace. I too have a dodgy set of knees, left one in particular which I ruined four years ago, muscle strength probably less than half that of the right leg due to muscle wastage and lack of recovery. In terms of technique that tends to make me a bit lob sided!

    I too would be interested in any long distance competitions in the UK. I like being able to pull 2000m in less than 7 minutes, and would love to improve on that, but I do like the challenge of an endurance piece.....

    Matt C

  8. Steve/Matt - Search for the Shrewsbury Ergo Marathon Day on the C2 website - Think it is on the 10th May, and there are also people doing it via Rowpro I think.

    Matt, looks like a good target, and certainly with the time you have to prepare within reach, best of luck