Monday, 31 March 2014

March CTC update

We have managed to float two boats in this months Cross Team Challenge; and what an interesting session it was!

Row 333 metres, rest 3 mins,

row 666 metres, rest 3 mins,

row 999 metres, rest 3 mins, row 666 metres,

rest 3 mins then 333 metres to finish.
Static start on the first 333m, rolling starts allowed on all other reps

Record the time taken to complete the 2997m, do not include the 12 minutes of rest time.

The following ETT'ers have entered times and we have some great individual times from a good number of team mates! 

Well done to all.

50 Espen Holm M Empty the Tanks I   9:42.2    1:37.1  381.9
56 Mark Bower M Empty the Tanks I   9:44.1    1:37.4  378.2
66 Richard Young M Empty the Tanks I   9:50.6    1:38.5  365.9
105 Chris Wheatley m Empty the Tanks I  10:12.2    1:42.1  328.5
264 Karyn McNamara F Empty the Tanks I  12:08.1    2:01.5  195.3
74 Joseph Smyntek M Empty the Tanks II   9:53.5    1:39.0  360.5
119 Pongi M Empty the Tanks II  10:18.7    1:43.2  318.3
166 Jonathan Turns ETT M Empty the Tanks II  10:42.0    1:47.1  284.8
217 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks II  11:09.5    1:51.7  251.2
300 Caroline Joynson f Empty the Tanks II  13:49.3    2:18.4  132.2
199 Norman Haas M Empty the Tanks III  10:57.8    1:49.7  264.8
289 David Bass M Empty the Tanks III  13:01.0    2:10.3  158.2

I will do a more comprehensive blog post about our standings in the WEC, the new CTC challenge, the Series Challenge later in the week.

Don't forget to upload all your metres to qualify for the Mrch Mud Season Challenge - row 5k or 10k for 25 days in March....

Keep on erging folks ; )

Sunday, 30 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day 16

Wow, those two weeks have flown by (row'n by) ; (
Well, let me get you up to speed as to where we are in the rankings:

We have settled in 9th place out of 218 teams. That put's us in the top 4% of world-wide teams!

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club4,839,55443112,548

Some individual statistics from our enthusiastic ergers; in 16 days the following team mates have racked up some mighty meaty metres!
  • David H has reached an awe inspiring 690,000 metres! When do you eat / sleep / work? WOW! Keep up that pace and you will erg the whole team up a position by next week.
  • Nick W (the machine) is in the half million metres club already with 500,180 metres. Magnificent stuff.
  • Preston is in the 300k club. Nice to have you back P!
  • Steve C, Jeff and Neil are in good company with 200k+
  • Diggy, Rob D, Beat, Tim, Rainer, Mark B, Paul, Lisa, Matt B, Leslie, Espen and Ric have all clocked up over 100k!
  • John F, John G, Joe S, Andy S, Caroline, Pongi (Dave P), Narman, Michael S and Edward (who will be retiring soon - so, more metres from you Edward?) have all rowed between 50k - 95k
  • Thanks to the rest of the team have contributed between 2k - 49k; Jonathan, Karyn, Jean, Bill, Wayne, Bouke, David B, Mike S, Lance, Tim, Mike B, Darren and Mark K. 
Lets aim for 8th place in week three. 
Keep on erging ETT'ers.

With Matt B still recovering form his amazing 100k effort and a few ETT'ers thinking about some longer distance events read my blog post from Easter 2012 (still a painful memory) about thoughts / after effects and advice for a 100k session

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WEC 2014 days 11 and 12

The top team mate Nick contacted me yesterday with news that he will not be able to put in as many metres for the remainder of the challenge becuase of work commitments. He has reached the next stage of interview process for a new job which will involve a lot of extra hours of work and research that will impact on his erging.
Good luck with everything Nick and we will hope to see your big metres again in September 2014 for the Fall Team Challenge!

Back to the competition; we are snapping on the heals of a new team in the top ten with a catchy team name Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. with our past rivals the Greenville Indoor Rowing over 100k ahead of us.

I think that Matt C was doing his FM today? I wonder how he got on..... did anybody join him?

I hope you are all full of energy, here in the UK it is officially spring time and we will be switching to daylight saving time (clocks spring forward an hour) on Saturday / Sunday morning so it feels so much nicer with longer days and shorter nights.

How are things in your part of the world ETT'ers?

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club3,783,7254387,994

Monday, 24 March 2014

WEC 2014 Days nine and ten

Still in ninth place; its turning out to be a hotly contested competition this challenge!

As is clear by the graphics, Nick W is storming away in the top spot with David H, Preston, Steve, Jeff, Diggy, Beat and Matt B rowing hard in the top ten.

Nine ETT'ers are already in the 100k club with an impressive collection of team mates over the 50k milestone after just over a weeks worth of erging.

Keep up the great efforts team - we aim to stay in the top ten for the rest of the challenge!

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club3,140,8534274,782

What's motivating you to get your backside on the erg this March? 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

WEC 2014 Days seven and eight and a Matt B World Record

Matt B and his family after completing his 100k challenge
Matt B has been working towards a Sport Relief challenge of 100k in the LTA category.

He finished the 100k para-row in world record time in his disability category in 10:19:45.0 at an average pace of 3:05.9 seconds/500m on Friday 21st March. Amazing stuff Matt you are an absolute super star.

Let us know how it went and how much money you raised for charity. I'm sure a couple of ETT'ers would be happy to contribute to celebrate your fantastic and worthwhile achievement!

Today sees the team in 9th place out of 198 teams. Nick W (who is on his own crazy challenge within a challenge), David H, Preston, Steve C, Jeff K, Matt B and Diggy are burning some serious fuel to achieve those metre counts so early in the challenge.

We are holding on to our top ten position in the first week of the WEC so congratulations to all contributors. Row strong ; )

9Empty the TanksVirtual Club2,368,5984157,771

Thursday, 20 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day six

8Empty the TanksVirtual Club1,746,2654043,657

We are on a roll. Keep on rowing ETT'ers ; ) 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day five

8Empty the TanksVirtual Club1,340,8953934,382

We have slipped down a place in the rankings, pushed down by our old adversaries Greenville Indoor Rowing Club.... pah! those pesky greenies.

On the up-side three team mates have already entered the 100k club, with one crazy cat (Nick-the-Machine) in the 200k club only five days into the competition. Nice work there guys ; )

1 Nick Wardekker 221,496
2 David Hannan 160,000
3 Preston Zale 112,500
4 Jeff Kuecker 76,313
5 Rainer Saad 72,000
6 John Digweed 53,044
7 Rob Drury 48,328
8 Richard Young 47,346
9 Matt Collard 44,441
10 Steve Coles 42,194
11 Leslie Fox 37,500
12 John Fewtrell 35,000
13 Paul Merhib 32,555
14 John Betts 32,381
15 Karyn McNamara 32,248
16 Mark Bower 31,134
17 Caroline Joynson 28,734
18 Norman Haas 28,077
19 Joseph Smyntek 26,636
20 Jean Curran 25,000
21 tim johnson 24,036
22 Lisa Kuecker 22,013
23 Neil Ryan 17,432
24 Dave Pongracz 15,808
25 Michael Siers 15,402
26 Edward Jackson 15,000
27 Bill St.Louis 10,563
28 Mike Schnell 10,000
29 John Giles 7,473
30 Matthew Brewster 5,000
31 Darren Whetton 4,606
32 Wayne Hollinshead 4,135
33 Mark Kaehler 2,500

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WEC 2014 Days three and four

Only four days into the challenge and we are are still in the top ten, 7th place to be exact.
There are some amazing levels of commitment form folks already, here is a run down of contributions:

7Empty the TanksVirtual Club1,108,0023829,158

Looks like we have a little inter-team competition for the top spot between Nick W and David H who are both on 160k! Good luck guys ; )

Sunday, 16 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day Two

Wow our new team mate David H has really started the WEC off in style with a 60k session today to make his total contribution in two days 100k! Wowzers...

Keep up the great work ETT'ers we are still in 7th place out of 129 teams.

Great stuff folks ; )

1 David Hannan 100,000
2 Preston Zale 50,000
3 Steve Coles 42,194
4 Nick Wardekker 42,194
5 Jeff Kuecker 35,894
6 John Digweed 29,077
7 Rob Drury 23,141
8 Matt Collard 22,325
9 Rainer Saad 22,000
10 John Fewtrell 17,000
11 Dave Pongracz 15,808
12 Karyn McNamara 14,567
13 Leslie Fox 14,500
14 Norman Haas 13,753
15 Bill St.Louis 10,563
16 Lisa Kuecker 10,004
17 Jean Curran 10,000
18 Joseph Smyntek 9,014
19 Paul Merhib 6,555
20 Caroline Joynson 6,000
21 Mike Schnell 5,000
22 Darren Whetton 4,606
23 tim johnson 4,539

Saturday, 15 March 2014

WEC 2014 Day One and new team mate

The ETT work-out warriors have started the WEC as we mean to go on. We have almost reached 200k on the first day of the challenge and are in 7th place out of 92 teams.

Last year we finished in the top 8% in 13th position so we want to maintain this excellent start with a top ten slot.

New team mate David H
New team mate David H has stormed to the top of the team with a very bold 40k - we are loving your work there David... hope you have more of that energy and enthusiasm during the rest of the challenge.

1 David Hannan 40,000
2 Rainer Saad 22,000
3 Nick Wardekker 21,097
4 Dave Pongracz 15,808
5 Matt Collard 14,891
6 Jeff Kuecker 12,590
7 John Digweed 12,517
8 Preston Zale 12,500
9 John Fewtrell 10,000
10 Leslie Fox 7,000
11 Karyn McNamara 6,524
12 Caroline Joynson 6,000
13 Jean Curran 5,000
14 Lisa Kuecker 5,000
15 Mike Schnell 5,000

Sixteen more team mates have signed up for the challenge but are yet to upload their metres. I am looking forward to rowing with you all again team ; )

Row hard!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

WEC 2014

Have you signed up for the World Erg Challenge yet?
It starts on Saturday 15th March until Tuesday 15th April.
Last year we finished in 13th place out of 147 teams. Let's show the world what we've got ETT'ers!!

Jonathan Turns
Salvador Hinojosa
Leslie Fox
Matthew Brewster
John Digweed
Preston Zale
Karyn McNamara
Norman Haas
Caroline Joynson
Jean Curran
Mike Bode
Tim Williams
Joseph Smyntek
Paul Merhib
Rainer Saad
Matt Collard
tim johnson
Jeff Kuecker
Lisa Kuecker
David Hannan
Neil Ryan

March CTC

Three team mates have rowed the Cross Team Challenge, including an impressive entry from our newest member 'Pongi' - not sure of their real name. Welcome to the team ; )

This months challenge has been set by the C2TweetCrew and is a pyramid row:

Row 333 metres, rest 3 mins,
row 666 metres, rest 3 mins,
row 999 metres, rest 3 mins, row 666 metres,
rest 3 mins then 333 metres to finish.
Static start on the first 333m, rolling starts allowed on all other reps
Record the time taken to complete the 2997m, do not include the 12 minutes of rest time.

28Empty the Tanks I11:12.1
Pongi (H) 10:18.7
Rob Drury (L) 11:09.5
Karyn McNamara (F) 12:08.1

Come on team mates we only need two more ETT'ers to float our first boat this month.