Sunday, 2 February 2014

VTC 2014 summary

We finished the Virtual Team Challenge in 18th position out of 337 teams with over 8 million metres. That places us in the top 5% of teams. 45 team mates rowed an average of 170k during the 31 day challenge.

18Empty the TanksVirtual Club8,323,72347177,100

If you compare our efforts against teams of a similar size we finished in 3rd place out of 33 teams with 21-50 members. The Sub 7, Oarsome, Paddy Power team were over 1 million metres behind us!

As you can see from the bar chart we had some impressive metres from individual team mates:

  • Our number one guy is Nick W who rowed an awesome inspiring 1 million metres in 31 days! Amazing stuff Nick you are now know as 'Nick-the-Machine'. 
  • Steve C is the only other team mate who hit 500+ metres - nice work there Super-Steve
  • There were five members of the exclusive 400k+ club; Fred, Todor, Jeff, Beat and Mark all safely in the top ten. Well done guys, you are hard-core.
  • Lisa is our top ranking female who clocked up a fab 357+ metres - nice work Lisa you are a star!
  • We had a large cohort of 200k'ers during this challenge starting with Rob, Matt C, Diggy, Karyn, Rob K, John G, Ric Y, Teodora, Mike B and Leslie. Excellent work ETT'ers.
  • We had a great bunch in the 100k club that included John F, Caroline, Lucas, Andy S and Norman.
  • Jean headed the 99k-50k along with Craig, Bouke, Jim, Paul M, Joe S, Matt B, Hector, Edward, Dave P, Dave B, Mike S, John B and Michael C.
  • Michael S, Jonathan T, Preston, Michael D, Mike F, Bill, Mark K and Karen all contributed to the final 8 million metres for the team.
Well done to everybody who has made this VTC such an exciting and gripping team challenge. The HM challenge suggested by Matt C was a real fun aspect of the final week and boosted the metres no end!

We could do another HM challenge in the final week of the World Erg Challenge (15th March - 15th April) and see if we could get more ETT'ers involved - what do you think?


  1. Nice work Nick! Million meters with one month is great achievement!

  2. Nick an amazing feat. Also a BIG THANKS to John Giles, you pulled me along all the way, I started the challenge slowly and out of shape and I kept track of you, of all team members to stay on the rower that extra 5-10 minutes, even when I thought of just giving up. Having someone to chase really helped me ! A huge "well done" to everyone who participated and as always a massive hurrah to our captain, for keeping the blogs going and inspiring us each day. Happy I have found a such a great bunch of people in a virtual team !

    1. Thanks Diggy!
      Here's to all our virtual team mates ; ) Cheers!

  3. Great stuff guys, now back to the normality of the CTC! Only Rob and I have put in an entry so far, mine was a line in the sand and rather pedestrian. Suffering from something of a chest infection (coughing up 'interesting' things), so hopefully I'll put in some better times as the month goes on.

    1. Trying not to think about the horrors of this CTC. Need to tackle it on a weekend when I'm a bit fresher and have something in the tank.