Monday, 20 January 2014

VTC Days 19 and 20

We have hit 5 million metres and are holding onto our 16th place position.
Talking of impressive milestones, several team mates have achieved some amazing results recently:

Mark B has reached 12 million lifetime metres. Nice work there Mark; only another 3 million to go to claim your 'Rowing Company' shorts and t-shirt!

Matt B received a Silver medal for the LTA row at the Cornish Indoor Rowing Championships! You are an inspiration to all fellow ETT'ers.

Norman C achieved a Half Marathon PB in a time of 2:04.7 - nice work Norman.
Lisa K completed a Full Marathon - let us know your time Lisa ; )

Team mates have also pulled in lots of metres; here are the team mates who are currently in the 100k+ clubs.

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club5,264,02247112,000


  1. Congratulation Mark B and nice work Norman C and Lisa K!

  2. Good going everyone.

    I've set two personal targets - a half marathon this month (to join the club) and getting back to 20 minute pace for the 5k by the end of the year.

    My HM lifetime best is a 1:35:24.4 @ 2:15.6

    I am a long way short of that at the moment, anything inside 2:30 pace would be an achievement.

    1. Hi David B - so glad you are joining us for the HM next week ; ) Fingers crossed for a good pace for you ; )

  3. Well done Matt B - I see the Cornish IRC was held at Newquay Sports Centre - perhaps if it's there next year I might give it a go! Although I now live in Essex, Newquay is where I grew up and is still 'home' for me.....

    Congrats Norman on the new PB, it's great we have so many joining us for the HM challenge this month, perhaps a nother few PB's out there!

    Matt C

  4. Congratulations Mark, Matt, Norman! And to everyone else for an impressive amount of meters. I have run faster marathons for sure but I did survive my first rowing marathon with a 3:52:36.6. Please put me down for a couple of HMs and I will be happy if I can row faster than 1:40:57.8. Endurance has always been more natural for me than speed. With that said, I can consider all these meters rowed since Jeff and started in October as base training. Soon, I hope to start some interval/speed I hear you all write about . . .eventually.

    ~ Lisa K

  5. Well done everyone, inspiring stuff from all of you.

    If I may add my own minor achievements to the list - I finally hit my first million this week (think I can get a t-shirt too!) and also had a crack at the CTC and knocked a whopping 18 seconds off my previous PB. Just a few more to get under 19 mins...

    1. Excellent work on your 5k PB - 18 seconds is a fantastic amount to shave off your time Lucas.
      a great achievement reaching your first million metres; here's to the next million with ETT!