Thursday, 23 January 2014

VTC 2014 Week three

We have entered the third week still firmly in 16th position out of 337 world-wide teams. We have now rowed over 6 million metres as a collective! Great work ETT'ers.

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club6,049,07447128,704

I will blog in more detail this weekend. In the meantime, keep calm and row on!


  1. Keep going ETT-rs! I haven't rowed any meters last days, because I'm getting ready for the biggest indoor rowing contest in Estonia what takes place on saturday. It's 1000m race and many indoor rowers are coming there. Sõudespinning Estonia holds 9th place at VTC. Even Estonian olympic rowers have joined!

  2. Good luck Rainer - all the best with your 1000 metre row ; )

  3. Hey - not commented on your blog for ages Caroline. Thought I'd brag a bit though - got a new PB for 10K - 36:11.8 (1:48.5).

    1. Nice work there Ric - have you entered it for the Challenge Series yet? I bet you will be high up in the individual rankings with that time!

  4. I know it's not exactly a HM, but I felt so bad about being such a slacker this month that I did twenty-one 1K intervals yesterday. Too much fried chicken and too many last calls so far in '14; I resolve to do better starting on Monday.

  5. Wow that sounds a bit like torture! Hard-core Mike B ; )