Friday, 31 January 2014

VTC 2014 Final day!

It has been a long month and we have toiled hard on the erg gathering blisters, sore backsides, backs and arms along the way. On a positive note, as Nick mentioned we should all be feeling rather proud at pushing ourselves and each other to row more metres / faster times than we ever thought possible.

It has been an epic challenge this year and we are currently settled in 18th place out of 338 world-wide teams. I am sure the final tally will slightly alter whilst our ETT work-out warriors upload their metres from different parts of the world and time zones.

I will complete a more detailed summary of individual team mate achievements at the weekend.

Enjoy your time away from the erg tomorrow folks ; )

18Empty the TanksVirtual Club8,200,50647174,479

I hope you join in the fun, fitness and banter for the next team challenge on 15th March until 15th April. In the meantime there are a number of challenges to keep you out of mischief:

Valentine Challenge 2014

For those soppy romantics out there why not row 14,000 metres for that special person in your life? 
As an incentive you can download a C2 inspired Valentine Card!
The goal is to row and/or ski a total of 14,000 metres between 9th February and midnight on Valentine's Day, 14th February.

Mud Season Madness Challenge 2014

This is an individual challenge starting on 1st March until 31st March.

Choose from two levels of participation:

The Basic Challenge: Row or ski 5000 meters each day for 25 days or more in March.

The Advanced Challenge: Row or ski 10,000 meters each day for 25 days or more in March.

World Erg Challenge 2014

The World Erg Challenge runs every year from March 15–April 15. It is the last team challenge of the 2014 rowing season.
Each team rows or skis as many meters as they can collectively between 12:00 a.m. March 15 and 11:59 p.m. April 15

February Cross Team Challenge
This cheeky number has been set by the Row-Pro team.
RowPro Rules Rugby Test

Row 4 minutes
Rest 4 minutes
Row 3 minutes
Rest 3 minutes
Row 2 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
Row 1 minute
Rest 1 minute
Row 3 minutes

Score is total distance rowed during the active 13 minutes. Static starts on all reps. 
Challenge Series Round Six
This is a straight forward 2500 metres - aparently a classic indoor race distance.


  1. OK - final day of the VTC and probably the final HM attempt of the month from ETT. Classic case from me of over confidence and going out of the blocks too quickly, I had a far too ambitious target of going under my last PB by a full 3 minutes and more.....started running out of juice with 7k to go, but still managed to hang on for a new PB of 1:25:45.9 - 1 minute 22 seconds better - happy with that but with a bit more patience could have been more like 2 minutes quicker. Oh well, this is how we learn!!

    Great going everyone who took part in the VTC and who joined me in my silly HM quest. I've thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team already and I've seen some pretty amazing achievements this month from you guys. Nick W - you are something else, inspiring. Let's put your 1 million metres in a month into context - I have trained for and rowed one marathon and am in the middle of training for my next, and I haven't yet hit the million metre mark - and that's since mid-August last year. What a truly magnificent physical and mental achievement - well done!!!

    Right, shower, food and wine!!

    Matt C

  2. I second Matt C's comment regarding Nick W. WOW! 1,000,000 meters in a month. Awesome!