Sunday, 12 January 2014

VTC 2014 Days ten and eleven

We have kept a steady pace over the past two days and have managed to maintain our 16th place position in the rankings out of 308 world-wide teams.
Team Canada are only 100k behind us so we need to keep an eye on them!

Congratulations to the following team mates who are all in the 100k+ club, with Steve C and Nick W in the exclusive 200k+ club. Nice work ETT'ers!

1 Nick Wardekker 43 249,872
2 Steve Coles 46 221,754
3 Todor Petrov 46 180,000
4 Jeff Kuecker 45 163,537
5 Lisa Kuecker 47 158,633
6 Beat Emch 54 141,962
7 Karyn McNamara 39 135,000
8 Mark Bower 36 119,461
9 Fred Rogers 42 113,107
10 Leslie Fox 64 105,063

If you haven't already signed up to the VTC the deadline to join is the 15th January 2014.

Virtual Team Challenge 2014 ETT Facts:
  • Interestingly the average age of ETT rowers in the top ten is 46!
  • The average daily individual contribution from ETT'ers is 5,272 metres
  • The average daily team total this challenge is 63,264 metres
  • On day eleven in the VTC 2013 we were in 15th position out of 313 teams

Have you lined up any treats for yourself after the Virtual Team Challenge has finished? 

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club2,783,5944463,264


  1. Well done top 10!!

    ....think we are doing pretty well. Something of note is that although there are 15 teams in front of us only 5 of them have a higher average metres per team mate....dig in team!

    Matt C

    PS - Team Canada even closer now!

  2. Well done team, some pretty impressive results there great work!

    I'm recovering well from injury and managed to contribute some km's over the weekend. But it was pretty tough going though, especially on Saturday with the temp hitting 46 degrees celcius here in Geraldton but that's what you get this time of year in Australia!

    In fact there's been some really insane weather around globally at the moment with storms and flooding in the UK and the polar vortex in North America. I hope our team mates in those parts of the world haven't suffered too much!

    Keep up the great work for the VTC ETT'ers! As for me i'll probably only contribute about 50 - 75km to this challenge which pales into insignificance when compared to others. Therefore i don't deserve any treats after this VTC! In fact too many treats has been half my problem:)

    All the best everyone Dave P:)

    1. I didn't know you were from Geraldton, Dave. I've actually been there, which is something not many of us Pommies can say! It was about 46 degrees when I was there too - definitely wouldn't want to be on a rower! WA is an amazing part of the world though, made it all the way up to the Ningaloo reef in the north and Albany on the south. Fantastic times.

    2. Hi Lucas, how long ago were you in Geraldton? I'm glad that you enjoyed your time here. You would have seen some amazing but very different landscapes in your travels between Exmouth and Albany. The south west is also very nice. And yes the aussie summers can be pretty warm!

      I've also done the whole backpacker / work thing in the UK and lived in North London in Finsbury Park for 10 months and then a little place called Cropthorne which is between Evesham and Pershore in the Cotswolds for 14 months. Then i lived in Ireland for 3.5 years in Dublin at Rathgar where i met my wife who is from Poland.

      Been back in Australia for almost 9 years now. I miss my travelling days - loved it!

      Dave P:)

    3. Hi Dave, it was pretty much dead on 7 years ago, which makes me feel a bit old. We were there for Australia day - good fireworks but nothing was open the whole weekend! Was in WA for about about 5 weeks in total and we also made it to Uluru, Adelaide, Sydney and Queensland too but it was a big extended holiday with no work involved (happy days!). Would love to go back one day and do Broome to Darwin and Tasmania but life's changed a bit since then so it won't be any time soon! Miss travelling too, but don't miss the hostels if I'm honest!

    4. Lucas / Dave P Its a small world! Loving the international team bonding going on here guys!! : )

    5. Hi Caroline, thanks for that i've had the song 'It's a small world after all' stuck in my head all day now:) But yes i do like the international flavour and the camaraderie of our great team which is well led by you! Cheers Dave P:)

    6. Hi Lucas, Geraldton has changed a fair bit but yep some things remain the same - nothing open on a Sunday or Public Holiday but glad you enjoyed the fireworks though! It sounds like you saw a fair bit while you were here, hopefully you'll make it back again someday to see some more.

      I enjoyed the travelling / hostel lifestyle, it was a great way to meet other travellers and i met some fantastic people .... and a few crazies! But i couldn't do it now though - too old and grumpy:) But those were the days ...... young, carefree, no responsibilities, spontaneous decision making, no one to answer to, simplicity etc .... best days of my life!

      But yep we all get older, now i'm in my forties have responsibilities, a career, mortgage, bills, wife, daughter etc. But wouldn't change it for the world except for maybe the first four. All the very best Dave P:)

  3. Sorry for the late reply Dave. Completely agree - it was great at the time but am also too old and grumpy for hostels these days! WA was my favourite part of Aus though - beautiful part of the world. Though an evening in Kalgoorlie on the way to Adelaide was a bit unusual (bar staff in just their underwear..!).