Saturday, 18 January 2014

VTC 2014 Days 17 and 18

Still sweet sixteen in the third week of the challenge. We are motoring ahead with the metres and have a 230k lead on Team Canada. I don't know how feasible it would be to catch PNRA/Mercer who are over 800k ahead in 15th place - who knows, our HM week may give us the advantage!?

Talking of HM's Norman C has joined the crew and maybe Lisa too (?). So that now puts the participation up to (possibly) 10 members. This could potentially add an additional 97,000 metres in the final week. Oh yeah - Go ETT'ers!

Previous HM time HM pace for a 2014 PB
Matt C 01:27:09 below 02:03
Steve C 01:17:23 below 01:50
Nick W 01:46:00 below 02:30
Karyn 01:38:57 below 02:20
Caroline 01:46:42 below 02:31
Mark B 01:19:30 below 01:52
Lucas 01:27:00 below 02:03
Jeff K 01:35:44 below 02:16
Norman 01:28:30 below 02:05

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club4,739,77747100,846

If you need some extra motivation for the last part of the challenge (or for the HM), I would reccommend the autobiography of Chrissie Wellington the British Triathlete and four time World Ironman Champion. A great read; she didn't become a pro-athelete until she was 30 - so there's still hope for us all yet!

Here is the link to her website:
A link to the book - cheapest deal £5.34:  BookshopISPN


  1. Looks like my trip to Peru and Colombia next week could get extended so I went ahead and got my HM in today. Happy to say I beat my previous best with a 2:04.7. If I get back before the 31st, I might be able to get another one in. Go ETTers!

    1. Nice work there Norman, and such great news that you got a PB too!
      No pressure for the rest of the team to get a PB now.......

  2. Hi Caroline. You can put me down for the HM challenge. My best is 1:24:58 set in 2012 although I don’t think I’ll beat it. I’ve been doing a lot more running over the last 18 months or so and my rowing metres have taken a dive. However I managed to fracture a metatarsal a couple of weeks ago which was bad news for the running but good news for the rowing and the VTC - timing couldn’t have been better! I seem to be able to row with no problem, I guess since there’s no impact on the foot.
    Kind regards and good luck to all. John G.

    1. John G,
      So sorry to hear about your metatarsal - but as you say 'every cloud has a silver lining' more metres for ETT. I hope it heals soon.
      Great news to hear you will be joining the rest of the ETT'ers in the HM challenge. I wouldn't worry about a PB if you havent done much erging recently. Sometimes its just about the commoraderie and participation!

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  4. I'm p*ssed tonight as I did my (now) usual weekend piece of 5/4/3/2/1 km with varying rest intervals, totalling around 17.5km, and my PM3 cutout just as I finished. It's done that before on a HM I think, and it thought about it the other day, only tonight it didn't save the workout on my card or the PM3 itself. Had to estimate my total and rough time. It all counts though I guess.

    1. Typical!
      Reminds me of the time I did my 100k challenge in 2012 and the monitor turned off at 73k during my 'comfort break'. Totally p'd me off too!!

  5. Mark - that has happened to me before, a few too many times if I'm honest! Luckily not during my marathon row last year though!

    I have just looked at my training plan and noticed it was a day out of line, so, in the interest of not robbing myself of my much needed rest days (!!!), I have corrected it. This now means my HM attempt will be on the 31st Jan and not the 30th Jan - just in case there were any of you looking to do it on the same day....nothing like the very last minute for the VTC!

    Matt C