Thursday, 16 January 2014

VTC 2014 Days 15 and 16

Wahoo, we are still in 16th place, but by a very narrow margin of about 25,000 metres - it could change any minute because Team Canada are so close behind us we need to be diligent and make sure they remain there!

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club4,048,5874786,140

Because we have passed the sign-up deadline with 47 team mates we will be in the 21-50 members category for the remainder of the challenge. If we compare ourselves with those teams we are still in third place out of 33 similar sized teams.

Now let's discuss some individual achievements from our fellow team mates during the past fortnight:
  • Nick W is at the top of the team and the sole member of the 400k+ club - Excellent stuff Nick!
  • Steve C is in second place and the only other team mate to have surpassed 300k+. Well done Steve.
  • Todor, Jeff, and Mark B are slugging things out for third, fourth and fifth places in the 200k+ club. Keep it up gents you are doing really well!
  • Lisa is our highest performing female team mate with an impressive 180k+. Fantastic stuff Lisa!
  • Fred, Karyn, Beat, Rob D, Teodora, Ric Y, Leslie, Matt C and John F are fully paid up members of the 100k+ club. Can the girls keep in the top ten by the end of the challenge?
  • Diggy, Lucas, Craig, John G, Caroline, Robert, Mike B, Hector, Andy S, Michael and Bouke have all rowed between 50k - 99k. Keep up this pace and you could hit 200k by the end of January.
  • Jean, Joe S, Norman, Preston, Paul M, Jonathan, Michael C, Matt B, Jim M, Edward, Dave P, David B, Michale D, Mike F, Bill, John B, Mark K and Karen B have rowed between 4k - 49k
Excellent work folks.
Keep up the hard slog, we are reaching the mid-way point of the challenge so have your end goal in mind and dig deep for the second half of the VTC 2014.


  1. I did a bit extra today to pull me over the 12M lifetime mark, onwards to 13 now I guess!

    1. Excellent news Mark! What an amazing achievement - I've got some major catching up to do to reach that milestone.
      Yep onto 13,000,000 metres....

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  2. Awesome job Mark!

    Lisa just called me and told me she rowed her first marathon! That puts her at 225K! Looks like we are pulling away from Canada. As of this post, prior to Lisa uploading, we are about 105K ahead.
    Jeff K.

    1. Awesome work Lisa! Are you going to join us for the HM in the last week of January?

  3. Excellent effort Mark, 12,742,000 should be your next target - diameter of the earth !!! After that it is the long haul to 40,075, 000 to circum-navigate the world !! I am slowly getting back to being able to row 10k a day so hope to crack 200k for the VTC, despite not starting until the 4th day

    1. Great ideas there Diggy to keep motivated towards a new erging goal!
      Good luck with your return to your usual fitness levels ; )

  4. Congrats on the big 12M Mark.....and absolute respect goes to Lisa for pulling her first full marathon!

    Matt C

    1. Here, here. Or should that be erg, erg?

  5. The same from me to Mark, amazing achievement congratulations!!

    Can somebody please tell me how the IRC's work? Do you have to attend a certain place at a certain time and take part or is it still done from the place you usually row?


    1. Nick there has been a bit of a lull in regards the UK IRC circuit due to the demise of C2 and the involvement with the new Rowing Company.
      There are some interesting threads on the forum about this subject here:
      You pay an entry fee for the IRC in advance, travel to the event, and race in your age and weight at a set time during the event. Its fun (in a mashocistic sort of way)!
      There is a provisional date for the Enghlish IRC on Sun 2nd March 2014 at the Manchester velodrome. Its a good venue!

    2. Great, Thanks Caroline, I will have a look at the thread.

  6. Hi all

    Firstly well done to Lisa for the marathon effort. Id aspire to trying to do one but I don't think my backside would enjoy it.

    Havent managed much rowing this week. Did a half twist at work in the full pike position on Monday night resulting in a back injury. Has resulted in a close relationship with the physio and some drug dependency. Weather here has been not too great for physical activity this week also with temps in the mid 40s all week.

    On the positive side though have just managed a very gentle 10k which could go into the record books as the slowest ever. I am feeling positive about still doing a half marathon in a week or so but im not so positive on setting a pb now.

    Row on everyone

    1. Hi Karyn,

      I hope your injuries heal soon and you are back to your usual exercise routines when you are good and ready. Don't make the mistake of doing too much too soon becuase you might make things worse. Listen to your body and only go for it HM-wise if its ready ; )

      I am not that confident of a PB either - my endurance rowing training has not really been happening lately - and it was a relivately last minute thing to do a HM for the VTC - maybe we should agree in advance to do one for the next team challenge so we can do the appropriate training for a PB. All I am hoping for with my HM next week is to finish within 2 hours!!