Monday, 13 January 2014

VTC 2014 Days 12 and 13

We have slipped down into 17th position today with Team Canada 40k ahead of us in 16th place!
We also need to keep our eyes peeled for the combined Sub 7 / Oarsome / Paddy Power team who are on our tails.

17Empty the TanksVirtual Club3,247,2064572,160

On a positive note if you compare us against teams of a similar size (21-50 members) we are in third place!

Any ideas about how to sneak back into 16th place folks?


  1. I came home last night and logged my metres. Someone else must have done the same cos just for a minute we crept back up above Team Canada (by about 2k!!). Looking again this morning, and the lead didn't last long, back in 17th....think it's a simple game of numbers - I'm sure that all the teams above us have more team members than us. Just shows how well we are doing, but I think we need a few more team members. Any lurking out there?! That, or we all just give up our jobs and row 24/7.....not sure my wife would agree to that one!

    Matt C

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I think part of it may be communication. I have never blogged before until I found this but have seen that only a handful of team members respond on here so I wonder how many read it? Is there an option to email as a group, the entire team and gee them up a bit? I personally love this blogg and find it really informative but I dont think it is reaching the ones that we need to get a few more metres from.

    How about pairing team mates off. The healthy peer pressure may be a fun way to encourage that extra five or ten minutes without spoiling people's enjoyment. I know and fully appreciate that there are very many different levels, constraints and personal circumstances that dictate how long each person can row for but if we ask for small amounts we will achieve great things.

    Maybe a midway target to aim for too, I would personally push as hard as i could to help as indeed i am now. I think rankings on their own are a moving feast whereas if we focussed on a metre goal all together then the ranking will take care of itself.

    I hope these assist.

    Best Wishes

  3. I like the level of engagement we have already. Involvement waxes and wanes, and some will always be noisier than others. However, any attempt to pester (a harsh word, I know) other team members into doing more than they want risks souring the atmosphere. I would be disappointed if ETT was more forcefully organised than it is, because I think Caroline has it just right already.

    1. Thanks Dave - I have tried the e-mail method in previous competitions and I have felt like I was harrassing people too much ; ) Its a hard balance to strike!

  4. I too like the way the positions jiggle around as the "national" teams wake, row, post metres, then sleep - ETT is more global and the metres flow in regularly, no worries. It's not much of a plan... but there are months to go faster, months in the sun, months for technique, and months to just enjoy some distance. In the Northern hemisphere the VTC falls at the perfect time for me to hunker-down, and lay-down the base aerobic fitness for the sunny days to come. And lose some Christmas weight. YMMV.

    1. SteveC - yep I like the global nature of the team. Managed to get in 11K this evening as the temperature here was a cooler 28C, the VTC is always tough and this year even tougher as I am recovering from a chest infection in summer !

      I think we have a great comms, just right, well done Caroline, you did not win Rowing Blogger of 2012 for nothing !

    2. Thanks Diggy ; )
      Its a tricky one to get the balance of encouragement and pestering / nagging.
      If people want more encouragement and team banter they generally read / comment on the blog or chat using the facebook group (which has gone a little bit quiet right now). People will row however much they can and if they want the extra incentive they just need to get involved with the team banter.
      Hope your chest infection clears up soon Diggy!

  5. I'm only doing < an hour a day this time round. The ~20k a day last WEC took me too long to come back from.