Monday, 6 January 2014

VTC 2014 Day six

Empty the Tanks have started the year with great gusto and have rowed 1,245,626 metres in six days - pretty impressive stuff folks! We have slipped down a few places to fifteenth place but there is always time to sneak back up the rankings over the next 25 days.

15Empty the TanksVirtual Club1,245,6264031,141


  1. I see our old rivals Team Canada creeping back up the ranks and with an impressive 54 strong team. I am finding rowing VTC tough going as there is a heat wave at the moment in Chile and rowing in 30 C is not much fun ! I

  2. Hi Diggy. I agree..rowing in the heat isn't too much fun. Have had a run of cooler days this week here in Adelaide..much pleasanter. Back up to the high 30s again next week. Will just have to crank up the aircon! Karyn