Tuesday, 14 January 2014

VTC 2014 Day 14

Two weeks into the January competition and we have moved back up into 15th place but Team Canada are only 1,000 metres behind us! Fingers crossed we can keep our slot for the next two weeks!?
I suspect we may be yo-yo-ing back and forth until we hit the final week - then we will hit those unsuspecting rival teams with eight (maybe more) team mates throwing down Half Marathon sessions which will mean an additional 168,776 metres!

15Empty the TanksVirtual Club3,542,9794677,021

Fellow ETT'ers have had some great ideas about motivating members to get involved in the VTC:
  • Matt C suggests encouraging more team mates to sign up and get involved - there is only one day left before the VTC entry closes so let's try our best to ecourage some more ETT'ers to get stuck in.
  • Nick W suggests if we aim for a mid-way taget so we have a focus beore the end of the challenge


  1. I hadn't updated my metres for a couple of days and have finally done it today. I won't take sole credit for that getting us back to 15th though! Massive gap to bridge if we want 14th so 15th could be where our battle lies for the remainder of the month?

    I'm probably slightly short of my mid target (100k) but getting some big rows in before my first HM should hopefully keep me on track for 200k at the end. Also 28k from my first million (though it's taken a year longer than it took Nick).

    I'd agree with some of the other comments about emailing etc in another post - I like the current level of engagement and relaxed feel for the team. There was a bit of discussion about this when I first joined and some of the other virtual teams can be quite pushy with all the various challenges going on (CTC, Challenge series, VTC, plus their own team ones) - this seems to annoy some people and doesn't necessarily increase the usage. That said, targets and ideas, training partners etc could all be good for those that want to get involved - the HM idea is probably testament to that!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lucas.
      Maybe we could trial the training partners idea after the VTC?
      I agree that constant harranging /e-mailing team mates for metres sometimes puts them off ; (
      I think we have a good system but it can always do with some tweaking and improvements!