Saturday, 25 January 2014

Its the ETT Half Marathon week

Its the final week of the VTC 2014; otherwise known as the ETT HM week!
Since my last HM post we have had a few extra team mates put their names down to get involved.

The ETT HM crew consists of:

Previous HM time HM pace Actual Result Difference?
Matt C 01:27:09 below 02:03
Steve C 01:17:23 below 01:50
Nick W 01:46:00 below 02:30
Karyn 01:38:57 below 02:20
Caroline 01:46:42 below 02:31
Mark B 01:19:30 below 01:52
Lucas 01:27:00 below 02:03
Jeff K 01:35:44 below 02:16
Norman 01:28:30 below 02:05 01:27:41 49 seconds faster
Lisa 01:40:57 below 02:23
John G 01:24:58 below 02:08

Norman has already rowed his half marathon and improved his previous result with 49 seconds to spare! Nice work there.

Tips and advice for a HM
  • Dave P suggests having a gel / drink handy just in case you need to have a slurp mid-session
  • Dave P breaks down the full 21,097 metres into a series of 5k sessions to make the task more managable. In the final 10k he increases his pace every 2.5k depending on how his is feeling and then smashes the final 2k
  • Caroline J advices to eat your prefered fuel at least an hour in advance of your HM; any closer to the time and you may feel a little nauseous
  • Matt C has been in training for weeks and has followed this plan by Eddie Fletcher
Godd luck to everybody rowing a HM this week and to the rest of the ETT team who are toiling away on their indoor rowing machines for the Virtual Team Challenge this January.

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  1. I guess I'll go first. I just finished my half. 1:31:53.5; 3 min 51 sec faster. I'm going to go pass out now. Lisa did her half as well. She went out too fast and tanked in the last 5k. Not quite a PB but she did it.
    Jeff K

    1. Excelent work Jeff - that's an impressive improvement ; )
      Lisa - well done on your HM; its a hard distance to pitch. Thanks for your impressive metres during the VTC.

  2. Rowed the HM yesterday in 1:25:44 - I remember now why I don't do it very often!

    John G.

    1. Nice job John G - I think I will be feeling the same in an hour's time. I am just eating my bowl of sweet potatoes with a sprinkling of cinnamon and coconut oil ready for the HM.

  3. I have just done mine and hit 1:34:01 which is a huge 12 minutes faster than my PB!!!!! Also, having jumped on the scales this morning I am 14lbs lighter than 1st January!!!! I have set my daily metres target such that I will finish on 1 million for January. I have about 75,000 on my card from yesterday and today that I will upload later. Feeling great and loving the rowing. A very special thank you to my rowing buddy and fellow ETT Jeff for his fantastic nutrition advice and fun support this month via email, without which my metres wouldn't have translated into a reduced waist line.

    Best Wishes to all and enjoy your HM's. :-)

    1. Wow that is very impressive!
      What a great start to the 2014 - 12 minutes off your HM time and 14lbs lighter on the scales. Kepp up the great work Nick!