Thursday, 9 January 2014

Boat one floated in Jan CTC

Excellent news today ETT'ers - we have one boat floated in the points rankings for the January Cross Team Challenge 5k.

The following team mates have entered some great times for their 5,000 metre row:

13 pts
Empty the Tanks I19:45.7
Rainer Saad (H) 17:58.3
Norman Haas (H) 19:27.2
Jonathan Turns ETT (H) 19:46.8
Rob Drury (L) 19:56.4
Karyn McNamara (F) 21:40.1

47Empty the Tanks II21:58.7
Leslie Fox (L) 21:58.7 
Did anybody row a PB?


  1. Great work - well done team! I'll give this a go at the end of the month when i'll hopefully be a bit fitter. My PB for 5km is 18:06.4 (2008) and my current SB is 18:10.5. However at the moment i reckon i'll be lucky (and happy) just to go under 20min!

    I thought this challenge was a rather surprising (but welcome) choice by MAD considering that last months challenge in the challenge series was 5km!

    Best of luck with the CTC everyone and hopefully we'll get a couple more boats floated. Cheers Dave P:)

  2. Not entering a time just yet - far too embarrassing!

    My PB was a rather surprising 20:20.4, back in 2011, but after an extended period of extreme lethargy and prevarication, I'm just now at about 24:50, with some evidence that there is in fact more "in the tank".

    5k is an excellent "get going again" distance - long enough and steady enough for weight control without killing too much of the day, so I expect to see considerable personal improvement through the rest of the month.

    Good luck and a happy new year to everyone.

  3. It was my first try for 5K after 4 months. Was able to get the time below 18 minutes :)