Friday, 6 December 2013

Rainer Record holder!

Last weekend, Rainer and a bunch of his Estonian indoor rowing friends had 24-hour rowing contest.
He e-mailed me to tell me that; in three different age categories, three new world records were rowed: 2 men under 19 age, 2 men 30-39 age and 2 men 50-59 age. Amazing stuff.

The big news of the day was two that two Estonian records were set and Rainer was one of the Estonian record holders!
He took part in the 24hour team race (14 women and 16 men) and they rowed 362 km, beating the previous record with an additional 54 km.

Well done Rainer. You should feel proud of yourself; I know I can speak on behalf of ETT that we are very proud of you!!


  1. Thanks you, but I didn't row world record, six others in their age category did.I helped to row new Estonian record in 24hour team race. So I'm not world record holder. Not yet :)

  2. Opps I will change the blog title ; )

  3. Well congrats anyway Rainer, looks like your love of indoor rowing is here to stay for a while and it is great to have you on the team.

  4. Congratulations Rainer on your 24 hour team race. That is an impressive accomplishment ..... well done! Regards Dave P:)

  5. Thank you everyone! :)

  6. Wow...well done Rainer!! Karyn :)