Friday, 6 December 2013

New team mate

We have been joined by a new team mate called Karyn,  from Australia.
Look out for her in the CTC competitions because she is keen to help us float more boats each month.
Welcome to the team Karyn!


  1. Welcome Karyn. The more the merrier. Mike F.

  2. Welcome aboard Karyn, great to have another aussie on the ETT team. Regards Dave P:)

  3. Thanks all! Finally have my own rower so hopefully getting fitter by the month...Have been logging metres for a few years now but never joined a team so a bit excited. Also have got myself rowpro so hope to see a few team mates on the river!
    Cheers Karyn

  4. I can only echo everyone else in saying welcome to the team!

  5. Welcome Karyn, great to have another female on the team. Let's keep the comments to rowing and not some other sport going on at the moment, said the pommie to the Aussie. BTW team I am still with chest infection almost a month now, so will miss another CTC, however hope to be back in form in the New Year