Thursday, 26 December 2013

Holiday Challenge 2013 ETT results AND a new team mate

Hello folks, hope you all had a great Christmas and for those UK team mates are having a great Boxing Day chill out.

23 ETT'ers participated in this years competition, including our newest team mate Lisa (Jeff K's wife) here are the results of the 2013 Holiday Challenge.

New team mate  Lisa K (Jeff's wife) from USA

Firstly, excellent work to the hard-core amongst you who went for the 200k challenge, particularly Steve C with 600k+, Beat with 400k+ and Jeff with 300k!

1 Steve Coles 647,167
2 Beat Emch 411,015
3 Jeff Kuecker 300,390
4 Todor Petrov 269,971
5 Lisa Kuecker 255,776
6 Joseph Smyntek 215,236
7 Karyn McNamara 209,087
8 Rainer Saad 201,245
9 Andy Soyring 200,190
10 Mike Schnell 200,080
11 Mark Bower 200,000

The remaining team mates met the requirements of the 100k challenge - nice work people!

12 Teodora Petrova 153,628
13 Steve Hull 133,492
14 Bouke Dieleman 131,488
15 Caroline Joynson 125,700
16 Mike Bode 125,612
17 Leslie Fox 125,024
18 Rob Drury 111,781
19 Norman Haas 108,964
20 Pieter Goes 101,198
21 Michael Denomy 101,000
22 Jo Moseley 100,651
23 Richard Young 100,000


  1. Way to go Lisa! And congratulations to all.
    Jeff K

  2. Great work by all on the Holiday Challenge, which I failed miserably by only rowing about 50k. Too much work, and other things happening when I usually row this month....must do better, now I have topped up the weight over Christmas! Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Best wishes, Jonathan

  3. Welcome to the team Lisa, it's great to have another female on board. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the holiday challenge. Dave P:)