Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year, new competitions AND a new team mate

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
Row hard in 2014!

Cross Team Challenge

Mad Team have set this months Cross Team Challenge which is a straight forward, no rate restrictions 5,000 metres! Enter the time it takes to complete 5k - this should be well participated by ETT'ers!
We need to get more than one boat in the rankings in January to start the year off (and the VTC 2014) as we mean to go on...

The Rowing Company Challenge Series Round Five

A simple 10,000 metres Gut buster!

January Virtual Team Challenge 2014

If you haven't already signed up for the Virtual Team Challenge there is still time to start the year off as you mean to go on. We also have a new team mate, Brandon who has joined the following team mates raring to go. Ease yourself out of a hang-over and the over indulgences of the festive season by erging your heart out to some funky tunes for the next team challenge.

1 Andy Soyring
2 Mark Bower
3 Bouke Dieleman
4 Leslie Fox
5 John Digweed
6 Mike Schnell
7 Karyn McNamara
8 Steve Coles
9 Norman Haas
10 Caroline Joynson
11 Jean Curran
12 Mike Bode
13 Michael Siers
14 Rob Drury
15 Todor Petrov
16 Richard Young
17 Michael Denomy
18 Teodora Petrova
19 Joseph Smyntek
20 Paul Merhib
21 Mike Fogel
22 Lucas Nightingale
23 Rainer Saad
24 Wayne Hollinshead
25 Jeff Kuecker
26 Lisa Kuecker
27 Brandon Perry


  1. Happy New Year everyone!! Kicked off the VTC this am with 14097m...was aiming for a HM but alas last nights beer caught up with me...Aiming for at least 300k for the month. Only 286k more to go...
    Cheers Karyn

    1. Nice work Karyn! What an ambitious start to go for the HM on New Year's Day! don't worry that the after effects of NYE caught up with you - all metres count ; )

  2. Aloha Everyone. the BIG Pineapple will drop in about 1.5 Hrs. Happy New year and stay fit. Good one Karyn.

    1. Have a pineappl'ing good new year ; )

  3. HNY everyone, I'm kicking off the JVTC with an hour in 25 minutes time. Not sure I'm looking forward to it :)

    1. Good luck Mark - I think we are all thinking the same thing today - but you are in good company ; )

  4. Happy New Year to everyone. Let's making it a good rowing year!

  5. Happy new year everyone! Wishing you new records and many meters :)

  6. Happy New Year Team mates, looking forward to rowing with you all during 2014; just need to travel the 11 000 km home to get on my Concept 2 !

  7. Happy New Year to all! Just hit 25 million in the erg log I started in 2001. Here's to a happy and healthy 2014 for all ETT team mates!

    Andy Soyring

  8. Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope that 2014 is a safe, happy and healthy year for you all. I hope it is a prosperous year on the C2 full of new PBs and personal achievements that is most importantly injury free! Apologies for the belated wishes. Best Regards Dave P:)