Thursday, 12 December 2013

Boat One floated in Dec CTC

Wahooooo! We have our first boat floated in the points rankings! New team mate Karys has helped us out. We have some impressive times from the boys with Epson in the top 20.

4 pts
Empty the Tanks I7:41.9
Espen Holm (H) 6:58.4
Bouke Dieleman (H) 7:15.1
Norman Haas (H) 7:49.1
Rob Drury (L) 7:43.4
Karyn McNamara (F) 8:43.6


  1. Well done ETTers for floating our first boat for the Dec CTC and with some impressive times. Well done to Espen for going under 7 minutes for all three sets and its great to see our newby Karyn quickly jump on board.

    As for me i may give this challenge a go at the end of the month ..... i'll see! I still have niggling injury concerns but I'm not the decrepit cripple that i once was thanks to pilates. Frustratingly i have now haven't rowed for 5 months and am itching to get back on the boat!

    All the best to everyone and remember to do your stretches or you may end up like me! Cheers Dave P:)

  2. Excellent stretching advice there Dave!

  3. What did you do to yourself Dave?? I would like to avoid being a decrepit cripple myself! Back to this CTC...I found it quite torturous and lost the will to live halfway through 2k no.3. I would have another crack at it to improve my time but alas Im still quite traumatised by my first effort and there is far too much beer and wine drinking to be done this month! Good luck to everyone else though with it!

    1. Hi Karyn,

      Congratulations on finishing this months CTC. Intervals are always torturous especially the longer ones and the heat of the aussie summer doesn't help nor does the festive season but gotta keep your fluids up with the beer and wine:)

      In regards to me being a decrepit cripple it's turned out to be quite a long story. A few months back i injured my lower back and had a bad sciatica down the right side of my body.

      So the story goes ...... i received physio and acupuncture for my sciatica - it worked ..... progressed onto clinical pilates and the physio suggested that the cause of my sciatica was tight hip flexors which i was having trouble with. She also noticed that i have bizarre feet and suggested i should go to a podiatrist.

      So went to the podiatrist and finally got to the 'foot' of the problem ........ i have flat feet that turn outwards, knee's that turn inwards and this caused instability in my hips and resulted in tightness in my hip flexors, hamstrings and lower back.

      I'm also a 98kg long distance runner who enjoys running half marathons but i've always been slack with pre and post exercise stretches. So i guess it was a recipe for disaster and something was going to give sooner or later and it did big time!

      Five months on and i haven't been able to run or row. Mostly feeling good now and the pilates has worked really well and i'm the most flexible i have ever been. I've tried a couple of light strokes on the rower but i still feel a minor but sharp pinch in my right hip flexor at the end of my drive so don't want to push it!

      Hopefully i'll be back on the rower next month and running next winter. So there we have it ..... that's why we need to do our stretches before and after exercise and to warm up and cool down properly. I've learnt my lessons:)

      All the best to everyone!
      Dave P:)