Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year, new competitions AND a new team mate

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
Row hard in 2014!

Cross Team Challenge

Mad Team have set this months Cross Team Challenge which is a straight forward, no rate restrictions 5,000 metres! Enter the time it takes to complete 5k - this should be well participated by ETT'ers!
We need to get more than one boat in the rankings in January to start the year off (and the VTC 2014) as we mean to go on...

The Rowing Company Challenge Series Round Five

A simple 10,000 metres Gut buster!

January Virtual Team Challenge 2014

If you haven't already signed up for the Virtual Team Challenge there is still time to start the year off as you mean to go on. We also have a new team mate, Brandon who has joined the following team mates raring to go. Ease yourself out of a hang-over and the over indulgences of the festive season by erging your heart out to some funky tunes for the next team challenge.

1 Andy Soyring
2 Mark Bower
3 Bouke Dieleman
4 Leslie Fox
5 John Digweed
6 Mike Schnell
7 Karyn McNamara
8 Steve Coles
9 Norman Haas
10 Caroline Joynson
11 Jean Curran
12 Mike Bode
13 Michael Siers
14 Rob Drury
15 Todor Petrov
16 Richard Young
17 Michael Denomy
18 Teodora Petrova
19 Joseph Smyntek
20 Paul Merhib
21 Mike Fogel
22 Lucas Nightingale
23 Rainer Saad
24 Wayne Hollinshead
25 Jeff Kuecker
26 Lisa Kuecker
27 Brandon Perry

Monday, 30 December 2013

Core exercises

Chris has introduced me to Foundation Training which is a series of core exercises created by Dr. Eric Goodman. The simple exercises have been created to build a strong core to allieviate back problems and hip mobility issues (Dave P and Paul M try these out!!).

More information can be found here: http://foundationtraining.com/core

Chris and I have been doing the 'Founder' stretch holding it for 15 seconds three times every day for a month now - initially my lower back and the top of my hamstrings ached a bit due to the Founder exercise 'waking up some lazy muscles', but now I am feeling stronger in my core.

Try this as part of your New Year exercise regime ETT'ers!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Holiday Challenge 2013 ETT results AND a new team mate

Hello folks, hope you all had a great Christmas and for those UK team mates are having a great Boxing Day chill out.

23 ETT'ers participated in this years competition, including our newest team mate Lisa (Jeff K's wife) here are the results of the 2013 Holiday Challenge.

New team mate  Lisa K (Jeff's wife) from USA

Firstly, excellent work to the hard-core amongst you who went for the 200k challenge, particularly Steve C with 600k+, Beat with 400k+ and Jeff with 300k!

1 Steve Coles 647,167
2 Beat Emch 411,015
3 Jeff Kuecker 300,390
4 Todor Petrov 269,971
5 Lisa Kuecker 255,776
6 Joseph Smyntek 215,236
7 Karyn McNamara 209,087
8 Rainer Saad 201,245
9 Andy Soyring 200,190
10 Mike Schnell 200,080
11 Mark Bower 200,000

The remaining team mates met the requirements of the 100k challenge - nice work people!

12 Teodora Petrova 153,628
13 Steve Hull 133,492
14 Bouke Dieleman 131,488
15 Caroline Joynson 125,700
16 Mike Bode 125,612
17 Leslie Fox 125,024
18 Rob Drury 111,781
19 Norman Haas 108,964
20 Pieter Goes 101,198
21 Michael Denomy 101,000
22 Jo Moseley 100,651
23 Richard Young 100,000

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a fabulous Christmas ETT'ers!
Who is going to join me for a Christmas Day row? I'm rowing a light session before breakfast, then its onto a few fun films with my family and this afternoon it's Christmas dinner and present time!
Enjoy yourselves today and I'll post about the Holiday Challenge tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Virtual team Challenge

Its Christmas Eve and whilst you are getting ready for the feast and frivolity ahead think about the New Year and how much you want to get involved in the next Team Challenge.
It used to be known as the January Team Challenge but it has recently been renamed the Virtual Team Challenge.

The following team mates have signed up:

1 Andy Soyring
2 Mark Bower
3 Leslie Fox
4 Caroline Joynson
5 Michael Siers
6 Todor Petrov
7 Michael Denomy
8 Joseph Smyntek
9 Rainer Saad
10 Wayne Hollinshead

If you want to take part (new team mates Jeff and Lisa recently asked for clarification on this) follow these instructions on the tab at the top of my blog entitled Team Competitions.

To sign up to a team competition find the 'team tab' on the C2 on-line logbook and click the button to join the next challenge - look out for the highlighted section like in the image below.

After joining the metres you row on your own machine will automatically be added to the team total for the duration of the challenge.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Holiday Challenge!

How are you getting on with the holiday challenge?
Its been a slow burner for me this year with work, house renovations and the usual festive preparations to squeeze in.
Only two more days of the holiday challenge left - Are you going to reach your 100k or 200k goal?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

New team mate!

Welcome to our new team mate Jeff from Margarita, USA. He has bought his own model D and is keen to put in some decent metres; he is averaging about 10k a day.
Great to have you on board!

Boat One floated in Dec CTC

Wahooooo! We have our first boat floated in the points rankings! New team mate Karys has helped us out. We have some impressive times from the boys with Epson in the top 20.

4 pts
Empty the Tanks I7:41.9
Espen Holm (H) 6:58.4
Bouke Dieleman (H) 7:15.1
Norman Haas (H) 7:49.1
Rob Drury (L) 7:43.4
Karyn McNamara (F) 8:43.6

Monday, 9 December 2013

BIRC 2013 news

Hi all, our only team mate Edward who had entered the BIRC this year had to pull out of racing on Sunday due a number of unforseen circumstances - all related to house matters (boiler breaking, flooding etc)... Which is a shame but there is always next year!

To ease his conscience he rowed a pretty impressive 2k time last weekend as part of his training program with 7:32.9 which is only a couple of seconds off his BIRC 2012 PB last March! This places Edward in the top 10% of his age group on the C2 world rankings. If he had been there on Sunday it would have put him in 7th position in this year's line up.

Friday, 6 December 2013

New team mate

We have been joined by a new team mate called Karyn,  from Australia.
Look out for her in the CTC competitions because she is keen to help us float more boats each month.
Welcome to the team Karyn!

Rainer Record holder!

Last weekend, Rainer and a bunch of his Estonian indoor rowing friends had 24-hour rowing contest.
He e-mailed me to tell me that; in three different age categories, three new world records were rowed: 2 men under 19 age, 2 men 30-39 age and 2 men 50-59 age. Amazing stuff.

The big news of the day was two that two Estonian records were set and Rainer was one of the Estonian record holders!
He took part in the 24hour team race (14 women and 16 men) and they rowed 362 km, beating the previous record with an additional 54 km.

Well done Rainer. You should feel proud of yourself; I know I can speak on behalf of ETT that we are very proud of you!!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Erg Advent Calendar

Add a little festive fun to your daily workouts during the month of December by clicking on the Rowing Company advent calendar.

Follow the link to join in: http://therowingcompany.com/xmas/

Challenge Series mini-league update

Team mates who are taking part in the monthly Challenge Series in 2013 have also linked to ETT for the mini league so you can compare how you are doing against others in the team.

Here are the latest results after round three updates. Ric is in pole position with Joe S and Rob D in second and third place.

Pos. Name R1 4 mins R2 1609m R3 6344m Total
1 Richard Young 1216m 05:26.5 23:57.2 299.02
2 Joseph Smyntek 1204m 05:32.6 23:57.6 296.19
3 Rob Drury 1137m 05:46.1 24:18.8 285.45
4 Lucas Nightingale 1132m 05:56.2 25:11.3 278.94
5 Paul Merhib 996m 06:35.3 28:36.9 247.42
6 Jim Moldenhauer 1000m 06:57.4 31:06.6 236.65
7 Mark Kaehler 881m 06:57.1 29:46.6 230.46
8 Caroline Joynson 929m 07:17.8 31:00.8 227.47
9 Ed Saunders 1036m 06:18.7 - 170.58
10 Mark Bower 1228m - - 100
11 Beat Emch 1144m - - 93.16
12 Jonathan Turns 1111m - - 90.47
13 Ian Clegg 1095m - - 89.17
14 Leslie Fox - - 29:53.9 80.12