Sunday, 10 November 2013

November CTC boat one floated!

Yeah, after ten days we have our first boat floated into the Cross Team Challenge this month. This speed interval session set by the Forum Flyers; 4 x 250 metres with 3 minutes rest from a standing start.

Lucas rowed himself of his C2 during this session and he enjoyed a few days in boat one for his efforts!

Keep up the great work ETT'ers!

6 pts
Empty the Tanks I3:18.4
Bouke Dieleman (H) 2:55.1
Rainer Saad (H) 3:02.4
Jonathan Turns ETT (H) 3:09.6
Rob Drury (L) 3:12.0
Caroline Joynson (F) 4:12.9

34Empty the Tanks II3:22.2
Phil Nolan (H) 3:13.5
Lucas Nightingale (H) 3:17.1
Mike Bode (H) 3:36.1


  1. Last 250m were quite difficult. I thought I was going to pass out, but didn't :)

  2. Nice work there Rainer. Yes the last one can be difficult if you've given it everything and 'emptied the tanks in sessions 1,2 and 3!'
    Glad you didn't pass out ; )

  3. Great performance there everyone! I think it is an enjoyable challenge, so hopefully we will get some more participants!

  4. I reached my first million lifetime meters today. Most of it came from FTC. Feeling good.

  5. Well done Rainer. You must be due an award for the fastest ever person to reach 1 million metres!

  6. Wow - great stuff Rainer. That is a really fast one million - nice work ; )

  7. Thank you :) I started thinking about 1 million on the last week of FTC.

  8. Trying to get over a chest infection, before I attempt this months CTC