Friday, 1 November 2013

November CTC and the Challenge Series Round Three

Hello people, I'm just updating you on the November individual challenges:
  • The November Cross Team Challenge is the four flying 250m repetitions and was chosen by the Forum Flyers Row 4 * 250 metres, 3 minutes rest. The rules are: free rate, free drag, ALL four reps MUST be from a standing start with no rowing in the three minutes rest. You need to enter the total time for the 1000 metres but do not include the rest time.
  • The Challenge Series Round Three is the Joe Simpson Challenge of 6344 metres which is the distance Joe fell from a mountain - Greg Searle gives you his advice about the challenge here.
  • There is a new challenge this November that links in with the moustache inspired Movember where people grow interesting facial fluff to raise money for prostate cancer; it involes the rowing machine (of course) and its called Rovember!! Read all about it here


  1. Had a go at the CTC this morning. Managed to actually come of the seat, never done that before! Here's my times:
    Can you tell which one I came off?! Will have another go at some point as I can definitely do better if I can stay sat down!

  2. Hi Lucas - Haven't heard of anybody erging themselves off their seat for a good while : ) Obviously because you were pulling with such awesome power you didn't realise your own strength!! Nice job and better luck on attempt number two!

  3. Ha ha, well maybe that's the reason (or just bad technique) but all I know is it's pretty painful when it happens! :-)

  4. Hi Caroline and all, my apologies for not having submitted anything for the October CTC challenge. I had done a row, but couldn't remember my password so didn't submit it at the time and then forgot about it. Fortunately, it made no difference to the team, but to avoid a repeat, November's is done and submitted....took a while to get the right password though!

  5. Lucas, Been there don that. I found that pulling hard with your arms more than chest high will knock you off your seat.

  6. I also fell of the machine once, when I was doing a previous challenge (the one where we had to do 2 minutes @ 20 spm). I came to the conclusion that the normal shorts I wear (the shiny type) are not suitable for flat out strokes, so I now wear an old pair of rugby shorts that I found at the back of my drawer when attempting to row fast! - I've been ok since. At least your accident has enabled me to bask in the glory of being in boat 1 for a while!

  7. Hi Paul, that could've been it - my (already by no means perfect) technique seems to go a bit out the window with these really fast sprints. Pulling too high could well have been the issue.
    And, Phil glad something positive came out of it then!