Thursday, 28 November 2013

ETT at the BIRC 2013

Hello folks,

For the first time in about five years I am unable to attend the British Indoor Rowing Championships. On a positive note, we have our very own Edward J making the pilgrimage to Wales to compete in the noble event that is the 2k challenge!

Edward would like to you all to know that he would be happy to meet up with any fellow ETT'ers at the event and would appreciate the company and support of anybody who is competitng or is in the area.

Wishing Edward all the best for his race. He is racing in a new age group this year so he will be the freshest guy on the block. All the best Edward!

Are any other ETT'ers competing on the 7th December?

1 comment:

  1. That's a shame that you won't be able to make the BIRC for this year Caroline, i hope all is well! I won't be able to make it either due to injury .......... and distance!

    I wish there was something similar here in Western Australia ..... but there's nothing! I've been rowing consistently now for about eight years and have never competed nor have i ever even met a follow rower. The extent of my interactions with other rowers has only been through the internet.

    Edward J i hope your training is going well for the BIRC. Row hard but most importantly enjoy the day!

    All the Best
    Dave P:)